Ysn Trapp Age: 10 Facts To Know On The Columbus Rapper

Upcoming Columbus-based rapper Ysn Trapp’s age falls in the range of 20-30 years old.

Ysn TRAPP is the rapper to put his city on the map.

He has created a collaborative group of Ysn rappers, including Ysn Solid, Ysn Savage, and Ysn Blacc Hefe. Also, Ysn Trapp is endorsing more young artists for his movement.

Without Ysn Trapp, the Columbus rap scenario would be unrecognizable from its current form. 

Ysn Trapp acted as a catalyst that was born to wave creativity throughout his city.

Quick Facts:

Name Ysn Trapp
Age 20-30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $500 thousand-$1 million
Instagram @ysn_trapp

Rapper: YSN TRAPP Age 

YSN TRAPP’s verified age remains confidential, but the Columbus rapper appears in his 20s.

Likewise, his birthday details also remain hidden.

His rapping comes from the heart and from the streets as it was shown in his project named “Heart of the Ghetto.”

Facts About Ysn TRAPP

Ysn TRAPP’s real name is not public yet. He came as a rapper through Ysn so he is known as YSN TRAPP.As of social media, he is active on Instagram @ysn_trapp with 32.9k followers.His girlfriend’s information is yet to be displayed. Nor any of his dating life is public yet. He might be keeping it away from social media and reporters.Trapp has been doing well so his net worth can be guessed from $500K – $1 million or maybe more. His accurate net worth is mentioned anywhere on the internet.His mixtape Everything 2x has some popular tracks including Killumbus, Stunna 2x which can be found on KOSMODIT YouTube channel.Ysn Trapp has an abundance of visual projects and mixtapes for having debuted in 2019 as the hottest artist in Columbus, Georgia.YSN Records labels are 1098852 Records DK YSN Tha Label.

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