YoBoy Pizza Biography And Net Worth

YoBoy Pizza is a famous American video gamer and an online personality. 

YoBoy Pizza was born Tommy Forster on August 25, 1995, in Pennsylvania of the United States of America. His parents are not known but he has a sister called Brandi Forster who features in his videos more often.

YoBoy Pizza played Xbox or Sony PlayStation video games with his friends when he was young. As he grew up, he launched a YouTube channel, Random Gaming Crew with his friends. The channel is what is now known as YoBoy Pizza.

He has close to 2 million subscribers already with the general growing each day.

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YoBoy Pizza net worth

YoBoy Pizza is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. He is not known to have any other source of income except youtube. YoBoy Pizza makes about $2,000 a day and $730,000 annually from ads.

Source: abtc.ng,

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