Who Started The Megan Knees Challenge On TikTok? Original Video And How To Do it Explained

Megan Knees Challenge is a new dance challenge on TikTok that features users trying to imitate Megan Thee Stallion’s dance steps. 

The Megan Knees challenge is the latest trend that has gone viral on TikTok. The challenge is generally to determine if you have ‘Megan knees’ and can do the dance steps in one go.

For those unversed, the term “Megan Knees” means the ability to coordinate your hips, knees, and ass at the same time while grooving to the beat of the music.

It may sound simple, but trust us when we say the challenge is not as simple as it sounds.

Many TikTok users have tried the infamous challenge with their own twist. Some users tried it while holding their baby, while some tried it on one knee.

Who Started The Megan Knees Challenge On TikTok? Original Video Explained

The Megan Knees challenge, which has gained more than 227 million views on TikTok, is an entertaining dance challenge to determine if you have legs as strong as Megan Thee Stallion.

Stallion is a popular singer who is equally famous for her coordinated dance moves and leg strength.

The new dance challenge also requires the participant to use their leg strength at its best.

According to wiki.ng, one of the first TikTok users who started the Megan Knees challenge were the TikTok influencers Allisyn Michelle (@allisynmichelle) and Shahnta Hoare.

@allisynmichelle did the challenge while holding a baby on her arm. She captioned the video with #megankness and said mom’s knees are much more powerful than Megan’s knees.

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The video has since garnered more than 442.3k views on the video-sharing platform.

How To Do The Megan Knees Challenge Explained

If you’re a regular user of TikTok, you may have come across the Megan Knees challenge on our For You Page.

To participate in the challenge, you have to perform coordinated dance moves in a designated song called Twinenem and upload the video with the hashtag #meganknees.

TikTok influencer, Coi Leray, was the first person to make a video on the song Twinenem, where she dressed in a white and black suit.

The video gained over 10.7 million views on TikTok and it did not take long for the song to go viral. Other TikTok users then used the song to perform the dance challenge.

The dance requires you to stand on your toes and slowly groove to the rhythm of the music as you go down and down, bending your knees.

While grooving, you are required to rotate your hips and ass at the same time.

One needs to have immense leg strength to hold the position as you dance on the rhythm.

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