Who is Zia Chishti Wife Kelsey Wirth? Explore His Family Amid Tatiana Spottiswoode Allegations

Zia Chishti hasn’t made his relationship public yet, and there is no source of information regarding his wife. Learn everything about the family and Tatiana Spottiswoode’s allegations in this article.

Zia Chishti is a Pakistani–American business executive and investor. He founded Afiniti and TRG Global.

Chishti co-founded Align Technology in 1997 to commercialize the medical technology Invisalign.

He was the CEO of Align until 2003, when he left to start The Resource Group, an investment firm. He co-founded Orthoclear and Afiniti in 2005, with the latter developing artificial intelligence for use in consumer call centers.

WATCH: Tatiana Spottiswoode shares her devastating story of the workplace sexual violence she experienced and the subsequent, secret arbitration process she was forced to endure. #EndForcedArbitration pic.twitter.com/eRmhEURMob

— House Judiciary Dems (@HouseJudiciary) November 16, 2021

Who Is Zia Chishti Wife Kelsey Wirth? 

Zia Chisti is a very private kind of person who hardly opens up anything about his personal life. Neither Zia Chishti is married to Kelsey Wirth. They both are colleagues who graduated from Stanford University together. 

Moreover, In 1997, Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth created Align Technology and began developing a clear aligner. In 1998, Align acquired FDA approval to market the Invisalign system, which was released in 2000.

On January 26, 2001, Align Technology went public on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

This is what happens when women own their own voice – bad people can’t hide anymore. Thank you Tatiana Spottiswoode for your bravery. @nancyerikasmith @SmithMullin @julieroginsky @LiftOurVoicesUS https://t.co/xac25nhESn

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Tatiana Spottiswoode Allegations 

He hired a friend’s daughter who has accused the multi-millionaire founder of a US AI start-up mentored by David Cameron of physical abuse and sexual harassment.

In 2017, on a business trip to Brazil, Zia Chishti, 50, the founder of software company Afiniti, employing Princess Beatrice as vice-president of strategy and alliances, allegedly beat 23-year-old Tatiana Spottiswoode while having sex with her, injuring her.

According to testimony she provided before a US Congressional committee, he then allegedly informed her that ‘he should have had intercourse with me when I was thirteen years old.’

Mr. Cameron’s spokesman stated today that he was stepping down from the position.

in addition to company founder, Zia Chishti is also (still) Chair & CEO… how does he still hold those roles given what the board would’ve known about forced arbitration rulings even before Tatiana Spottiswoode’s testimony? https://t.co/0UyPQTt2Aa by @jamestitcomb @cg_williams

— Eileen Burbidge (@eileentso) November 17, 2021

Zia Chishti Family Revealed

Zia Chishti was born in the United States to American-Pakistani parents, and after his father died, he went to his mother’s homeland. He is now the founder of two multibillion-dollar businesses.

He graduated from Lahore American School and returned to the United States after being convinced by his mother. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and computer science in 1992.

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