Who Is Tulsi Vagjiani? Details To Know About The Plane Crash Survivor

Tulsi Vagjiani has been through a life-changing event that turned her whole life upside down. Learn what we know about her.

Tulsi Vagjiani was ten years old when her family was murdered in an aircraft disaster while returning to the United Kingdom from India on February 14, 1990.

Vagjiani had gone through a harrowing experience that would lead her to become a champion for people with visible differences.

Who Is Tulsi Vagjiani? Ethnicity And Age Explored

Tulsi Vagjiani is one of the plane crash survivors of the famous India Airlines Flight 605 crash.

She is currently 42 years of age and is of Indian ethnicity.

Vagjiani had just returned from a three-month trip to India, her parents’ homeland when she started secondary school. “We had it quite good because we lived in London, and my father wanted us to be appreciative for what we had.”

It was also a chance for him to see his grandfather, whom he hadn’t seen in 23 years.

However, the planned ecstatic reunion suddenly turned into somber of tears.

Vagjiani’s memories of the days and weeks following the catastrophe, which killed 92 of the 146 persons on board, are jumbled.

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Who Is Tulsi Vagjiani Husband

To date, there has been no information about Tulsi Vagjiani Husband.

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She has shared little to no detail about her relationships.

Tulsi survived a plane disaster when she was ten years old, which killed her immediate family and left her with second and third-degree burns covering 45 percent of her face and body.

The 42-year-old Londoner, however, is motivated to help others 32 years after the tragic catastrophe.

She has learned to appreciate her scars as a motivational speaker, and she proudly wears them as a charity campaigner for persons with visible differences.

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Who Was Tulsi Vagjiani Family?

Tulsi Vagjiani was ten years old when her family was murdered in an aircraft crash while returning to the United Kingdom from India on February 14, 1990.

Tulsi, who lost both of her parents and her brother in the catastrophe, was left struggling for her life after being rescued by a fellow passenger.

Tulsi can only recollect pieces of the incident, while she says she remembers snippets of discussions from the time in an interview with metro.co.uk.

Vagjiani had been through a great ordeal that has set her on a path to being a campaigner for those who have been through a similar situation as her.

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