Who Is Tsepo Desando? Everything To Know About Rami Chuene Husband And Divorce News

Tsepo Desando is a renowned South African actor and the ex-husband of Rami Chuene. Learn more about him from the piece given below. 

Tsepo Desando is an actor best known for his roles in the film Crime: It’s a Way of Life. His performances in TV shows such as Society and Africa Within have also been well received. 

Who Is Rami Chuene Husband Tsepo Desando?

Tsepo Desando is an actor and the ex-husband of renowned South-African actress Rami Chuene.  

The man of African descent is a well-known telenovela actor with a devoted fan base. He is also a producer and director who has created some successful films.

Tespo has also made a name for himself as a successful businessman. He is currently a business owner and the CEO of Pelogolo Holdings. 

Whereas his ex-wife Rami is a seasoned actress, musician, writer, and presenter. She is also a voice-over artist and fashion enthusiast. 

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Tsepo Desando Age: How Old Is He? 

Tsepo Desando seems to be somewhere between 45 to 50 years old.  His ex-partner, Rami Chuene, on the other hand, is now 46 years old.  

According to the actor’s IMDB page, he began his career in 2005 with the TV series Africa Within.

Following that, he played Spike in the 2007 TV series Society and was part of the 2009 film Crime: It’s a Way of Life.

Latest News On Rami Chuene And Tsepo Desando Divorce

The divorce of Rami Chuene and Tsepo Desando in the year 2013 had shooked the whole country. 

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Tsepo Desandi and Rami Chuene were once the couples to whom every South African looked up to. And their separation sent shivers up people’s spines.

Rami has been very open about the stigma that comes with being a divorcee. And she maintains that leaving her disintegrating relationship was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

On the other hand, following the split, actor Tsepo has not said much about it, as he appears to be a very reserved person when it comes to his relationships.

However, according to reports, Tsepo was just starting out in the industry when his family went bankrupt twice.  

And this had created As a result of the upheavals and frustration in the family. So to solve the issue the couple mutually had decided to get a divorce.

#RamiChuene, last week my mom was telling me that you used to tell us when you were growing up that you are going to be on TV. She was proud when she saw you on The Queen. We attended same church, Baptist Church, ours Ga-Mphahlele Mashite branch. Farewell TGOM #TheQueenMzanzi pic.twitter.com/Dqg16djGf6

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Who Is Rami Chuene New Husband? 

After the divorce, Rami Chuene has not shared anything regarding her new husband. 

According to speculations, Rami recently married after divorcing her long-term partner and companion, Tsepo Desando. 

Rami and Tsepo initially managed to meet because they worked in the same circles. The couple met when they were very youthful and tied the knot only six months later.

Rami and Tsepo are the parents of three beautiful daughters. Kefiloe, Nthateng, and Botshelo are the names of the actor’s three daughters.

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