Who Is Tokyo Jetz Boyfriend Dalvin Cook? Domestic Abuse Charges And More Details To Know

Tokyo Jetz seems to currently be in a relationship with her boyfriend Dalvin Cook. Here is everything you need to know about her family, real name, and other personal details. 

Tokyo Jetz is an American rapper and singing personality who is recognized for her songs and albums like No Problem, Baller Alert, At Em, and more than 20 others. 

Many do not know this, but Tokyo was initially a poet, since her high school, actually, and she wrote poems a lot. 

However, with similar rhymings and creativity, she later turned into a rapper after realizing that what she does has more in music than in poetry. 

She has a good career and a good fanbase too, but a few things are frequently happening with her created different controversial matters. 

Indeed, her best song, No Problem created a lot of chaos and issues in the media and people were even talking about cancelling her, but this is not about that matter. 

Currently, people are interested to find out more about her boyfriend Dalvin Cook and the domestic abuse case going on. 

Who Is Tokyo Jetz Boyfriend Dalvin Cook?

As of current observations, Tokyo Jetz is in a relationship with her boyfriend Dalvin Cook. 

Well, if you are a social media explorer and a stalker of celebs, you might have sure found nothing about them being together. 

Both of them are very private when it comes to their relationship or their personal life, to some extent. 

So, we cannot find a lot of public display of their affection or anything else which might indicate something specific about their relationship. 

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We are not even informed about when they first met each other or how long have they been together. 

Also, Tokyo gave birth to her baby Amir in 2019, so many suspects that Dalvin might be the baby daddy; however, nothing like this is publically revealed yet. 

Minnesota Vikings’ RB Dalvin Cook is the victim of domestic abuse and extortion – there’s pending litigation, according to his agent Zac Hiller.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) November 10, 2021

Tokyo Jetz Boyfriend Domestic Abuse Charges

What you understood reading the title is entirely different than what has actually happened!

Tokyo Jetz’s boyfriend Dalvin Cook, about a year ago, in 2020, faced domestic abuse and extortion. 

To be precise, it is reported that a female US military officer barged into his house when he had a company, who is surely Tokyo Jetz. 

Well, the officer entered his property illegally and then tried to perform some acts of violence. When Dalin tried to protect himself, she threatened him that he abused her. 

All this extortion and abuse happened a year ago, but it was revealed just recently when ESPN’s senior NFL insider Adam Schefter tweeted about it recently. 

Well, no official steps of charges have been made yet, but more and more people are getting informed about it. 

Tokyo Jetz Real Name And Family 

The real name of the female rapping sensation Tokyo Jetz is Shauntrell Pender. 

Taking about her family, she was initially born to her family in Atlanta, Georgia, but she later moved to Jacksonville, Florida, probably with her family, or just alone. 

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And, neither is there any specific information about the members of her extended family. Well, she has a son, Amir, so he is surely the only known part of her family. 

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