Who Is Tilden Hooper Wife Melissa Hooper? Meet Them On Instagram

Melissa Hooper and her husband, Tilden Hooper, welcomed a new addition to their family, a boy, in the year 2020. 

Melissa Hooper and Tilden Hooper got married in 2017 and had a boy of their own, Tell McLain. Tilden was born at the beginning of the year in January. 

Tilden is an 8-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Qualifier. His father, Terry, was a circuit bareback rider. Perhaps, his father was why Tilden started riding in barebacks at the young age of 15.

Though he was born in Shreveport, LA, he considers Carthage, Texas, his hometown. 

Fun Fact Friday: Tanner Aus had the top bareback score of the 2021 RAM NCFR with a 91-point ride on Famous Dex, a score that is just one point shy of tying the rodeo record with 2019 RAM NCFR bareback champion, Tilden Hooper! Hooper went 92 points at the 2019 RAM NCFR. pic.twitter.com/yy4NpjXOkw

— RNCFR (@RNCFR) April 30, 2021

Who Is Tilden Hooper Wife Melissa Hooper? 

Tilden and Melissa Hooper have been married since 2017, and they met in the same year. Before he proposed to Melissa, Tilden had asked Melissa’s father for her hand in marriage in a men’s bathroom of all places. 

According to his retelling in the RumpChat podcast, he said to her father, “Is it cool if I marry your daughter, please?”

Her dad stared at him for quite a while before going on to say, “You better treat her nice.”

In the podcast, when asked out of the two who had said I love you first in the relationship, Melissa said that it was her. 

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Chandler said that though he does not know who fell in love first. Although he said when they hung out on New year’s eve at Chandler’s wedding in 2017, he was certain he would marry her.

She travels with him, so she is at most one month apart from him.  

Melissa Hooper Age And Wikipedia Details

Melissa looks to be in her early 30s. Her husband, Tilden Hooper, turned 33 this year. 

Assuming there is not much age gap between the two, she should be in her early 30s as well. 

Melissa comes from a family who was into rodeoing. Melissa never rodeoed, although her parents rodeoed. She was into sports and played them.

Melissa played basketball in high school, and she was pretty good at it.

Melissa Hooper Net Worth Disclosed

Melissa Hooper has an estimated net worth of under $200,000.

Her salary information and her career details are not found on the Internet. She is a very private person.

However, her husband has won a total of $1,168,417 in his career. 

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