Who Is Tatu Baby AKA Katherine Flores Father? Name Age And Wiki

The American reality TV show, Cartel Crew, made us somehow familiar with the father of the American Tattoo artist, Tatu Baby. Learn what she said about her father and helped reveal his identity. 

Besides being a tattoo artist, Katherine Flores is a reality TV star.

She managed to secure the fourth position as a contestant on Ink Master season 2 in 2012 and, the following year, marked third in season 3.

The star has also worked in Cartel Crew, another reality television show based on people who have connections to drug cartels.

Followed by her background, now let’s learn about her father.

 Who Is Tatu Baby AKA Katherine Flores Father?

As Tatu Baby mentioned in the Cartel Crew, he was a drug kingpin in Queens, New York, killed when Tatu Baby was four years old.

She revealed, “My dad was a big drug kingpin in New York and he was murdered when I was 4 years old,”

“The first time I found out about my father was when I mentioned his name to one of my friend’s father and his face just went pale ghost… He’s like, ‘Don’t go around repeating to people that he was your father.’ That’s the moment that I went and talked to my mother and she told me a lot of information about my father.” she explained in the show.

Tatu Baby’s Father’s Real Name Revealed

She passed the core details of her father but refused to give his name to her audience.

He was once a big name in the drug mafia and a colleague of Pablo Escobar, an infamous name as the Colombian drug lord.

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Since her mother wanted to get out of the drug business, intending to keep her family safe, she kept her child away from the shadow of her father’s image.

How Old Is He In 2022?

There are no details of his age on the Internet.

Since he died when Tatu Baby was 4, he could be in the seventies if he were alive.

On the other hand, Katherine Flores was born October 28, 1987, in Miami, Florida, to her Colombian parents.

Explore His Wiki

He is unavailable on Wiki or any other online portals.

On the other hand, his daughter is present on Wikipedia with a feature of her early life, career, personal life, and more.

And her feature includes a tad bit of detail about her father.

Is He Dead Or Alive?

He died when his daughter Katherine was 4-years-old.

She spoke about him during the session of the reality TV show, Cartel Crew.

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