Who Is Tanner Trujillo? Organ Donor Raven Goff Mother – What Happened To Her Daughter?

Tanner Trujillo’s six-year-old daughter, Raven Goff, set up a legacy of giving lives on through organ donation. Read on to learn more about her. 

A six-year-old child was killed in an accident on Jan. 11, 2020. Her spirit of giving, however, continues when her parents decided to donate the girl’s organs.

Raven Goff suffered severe brain damage as a result of the tragedy, which transpired on Jan. 11. Additionally, the hospital said it is following Raven’s family’s wish by not disclosing any other information on Goff’s injuries.

Moreover, both of Raven’s parents replied yes when the hospital workers inquired if they had ever contemplated organ donation.

Organ Donor Raven Goff Mother: Who Is Tanner Trujillo?

Tanner Trujillo is the mother of deceased Raven Goff, who passed away in a tragic accident on January 11, 2020. Although Raven died, she has touched the lives of many people by donating her organs.

Trujillo is indeed a proud mother of such a beautiful soul, whose generous, caring, and loving behaviors towards other individuals have won the hearts of many.

Raven, according to her mother Tanner, was always worried about others and would frequently give away her outerwear to other students at schools.

What Is Tanner Trujillo Age?

Talking about her age, Tanner Trujillo might be in her late 30s. The following age is just speculation based on her appearance. Still, her actual age and date of birth have not been disclosed to public sources yet.

Apart from this, nothing on her physical stats is currently available at the time of composing.

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Who Is Tanner Trujillo Husband? Family Details

Tanner Trujillo was previously married to her husband, Shane Goff. However, there are no details surrounding their wedding ceremony and other general information.

After getting divorced, both Tanner and Shane remarried their respective partners, whose names and identities are yet to be revealed.

Besides, following the death of their darling little girl, they were surrounded by their family and friends after making a decision to let Raven live by donating her organs to others.

Raven Goff Accident: What Happened To Her?

Reportedly, Raven Goff’s life took a devastating turn on Saturday, Jan. 11, when she was involved in a car accident.

Doctors started to work right away when she arrived at Cook Children’s Medical Center, but there was nothing they could do to rescue the petite blonde-haired little girl with huge blue eyes.

As per reports, Raven had a catastrophic injury to her brain, and her brain was no longer working. Besides this, nothing on her injury has been updated, as Cook Children’s has agreed to respect Raven’s family’s wish to keep the circumstances of her injury private.

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