Who Is Rachel Howell Oklahoma? Paul Howell Daughter – Will She Attend Julius Jones Execution?

Who is Rachel Howell? This article covers everything that we know about the daughter of the deceased Paul Howell.  

Rachel Howell is the daughter of the late Paul Howell.

As her father’s murderer, Julius Jones, is set for execution on 18 November, his supporters seem desperate to avoid it.

Governor Kevin Stitts grants clemency to Jones. His death sentence is commuted and instead serves a life sentence.

The death sentence of Julius Jones in Oklahoma has been commuted and Jones will not be executed, Governor Kevin Stitts says. Jones will receive life sentence instead, with no parole.

— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) November 18, 2021

Who Is Rachel Howell?

People know Rachel Howell as the daughter of the deceased businessman, Paul Howell.

Julius Jones brutally murdered her father, a life-long resident of Edmond, on 28 July 1999. Nine years old at the time, she is now 31 years of age. 

Although there are details on her father online, there isn’t much about her mother. That is also true for her other family members. Nonetheless, we know that she has a little sister, Abby, who was seven when their father died. There is also her aunt, Megan.

After the tragic incident, Rachel suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and extreme panic attacks. But, she lived with close family, who lived nearby and was able to fight it.

And now, she is an Oklahoma State University graduate who holds a bachelor’s degree in hospitality business management. She currently works in finance.

Rachel Howell Instgram

Rachel Howell doesn’t seem to be on the social media platform Instagram.

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Either she doesn’t have an account or use it with different alias remains unknown.

Nonetheless, there is an Instagram account, @justiceforpaulhowell, for the justice of the dead and his family.

While traveling with the governor in Mexico, @KOCOEvan asked Gov. Stitt his process when it comes to deciding Julius Jones’ fate. The Pardon and Parole Board recommended clemency for the death row inmate.

These are the transcribed soundbites from Evan’s interview. pic.twitter.com/haqdDxClAa

— Abigail Ogle (@KOCOAbigail) November 5, 2021

Will Rachel Howell Attend Julius Jones Execution?

Regarding Rachel Howell’s attendance at the execution of Julius Jones, she probably will participate. The event is at 4 pm local time (2200 GMT) on 18 November at the state penitentiary in McAlester.

Rachel did say that she was scared of the man who shot her father to death. So, there is a possibility that she won’t attend.

Jones brutally murdered Paul on 28 July 1999. The incident happened as Paul, his sister, and two daughters were returning from a shopping trip in a car. 

Edmonton Police pinned Jones and Christopher Jordan as the alleged carjacking murderers after interviewing three suspects. Although there wasn’t concrete evidence connecting Jones to the murder, he got a death sentence and 40 years of imprisonment in 2002.

Jordan, the state witness, found himself a prison sentence worth 30 years, but reports say that he got out only serving half.  

The convict claims innocence. There is a petition on Change.org which has collected over 6.5 million signatures. In October 2019, Jones filed for clemency as the final resort for avoiding the death penalty.

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