Who Is Philippe de Vedrines? Everything To Know About Him

Who Is Philippe de Vedrines? Philippe de Védrines is an executive in the oil industry for The Védrines family. Scroll down to learn more in detail about Philippe de Vedrines.

The Védrines is a Protestant family from Agenais who was ennobled in 1828.

Philippe de Védrines, Ghislaine de Védrines, and Charles-Henri de Védrines are the grandchildren of Guillemette de Védrines, who was born in 1912.

Philippe de Vedrines Wikipedia Bio

Unfortunately, Philippe de Vedrines is yet to be featured on a profile on Wikipedia.

Philippe de Védrines is an executive in the oil industry. He was about sixty years old at the time of the events and lived with Brigitte Loriot-Martin, his partner.

The press dubbed the case of the recluse of Monflanquin a case of mind control in which a prominent Bordeaux family was a victim for nearly 10 years.

Thierry Tilly, a crook, dupes eleven members of the Védrines family into believing they are being targeted by a plan.

Tilly extorted roughly 4.5 million euros from the group between 2000 and 2009, hiding it in the family chateau of Monflanquin in the Lot-et-Garonne, then another family property, and lastly in Oxford.

Christine de Védrines escaped her clutches and filed a complaint in March 2009. In 2013, Tilly was sentenced to ten years in jail.

Philippe de Vedrines Age: How Old Is He?

The exact age of Philippe de Vedrines is not disclosed yet.

However, looking at his recent photos, we can assume that he is around the age group of the mid-’60s.

Philippe de Védrines and his wife Brigitte Loriot-Martin quit the organization in February 2008.

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Tilly forces the remaining nine parents to relocate to Oxford, where he lives. The Védrines have become destitute; the former obstetrician is forced to work as a gardener, and his wife Christine works as a caterer’s saleswoman; their salaries are paid into Tilly’s account.

Philippe de Vedrines Wife: Who Is He Married?

According to our research, Philippe de Vedrines is married to his wife Brigitte Loriot-Martin.

We can assume that Philippe and Brigitte got married in early 2000.

The couple does not share any children at the moment.

The news story is the topic of the television film Diabolique (2016), which stars Laurent Stocker as the “guru” and Michèle Laroque and Anne Consigny as family members.

Philippe de Vedrines Net Worth Revealed

Philippe de Vedrine’s net worth in 2021 is not found.

However, as he belongs to a successful family and is an executive in the oil industry we can estimate that he makes around $3 million annually.

Philippe currently resides in Talade, France with his wife Brigitte.

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