Who Is Peter Nowaczeck? Boxer Allegedly Attacked Vancouver Woman

Peter Nowaczeck has been arrested on the charge of assaulting women at the bar on December 4, 2021. Who is Peter Nowaczeck? Let us learn more about him below!

Peter Nowaczeck is a professional boxer from Ontario. 

He has been reportedly arrested with an assault charge against the woman. He was arrested the same night of December 4, 2021, when the incident happened. 

Professional boxer Peter Nowaczeck arrested in Mexico after vicious attack. https://t.co/QwWbnGsgsq

— Spark (@LetItFl50612690) December 8, 2021

Who Is Peter Nowaczeck? Wikipedia & Age? 

Peter Nowzczeck, despite being a professional boxer, does not have his own Wikipedia page. 

However, his information can be found on some other sites on the internet. His birth name is Peter Christopher Nowaczeck. 

Peter Nowaczeck’s age is currently 27 years old, according to Boxrec. His exact birth date has not been revealed to the public as of now. 

Judging from the incident, it can be speculated that Peter is stubborn and he would never take no for an answer. He attacked the women at the bar after they refused to join him, according to the source. 

Following the incident, he was arrested the same night on the charge of assaulting the woman. 

WARNING: Some details in this story may be disturbing to some readers.

A friend told Global News that Jamie Coutts’ nose is broken in three places, and that she has a chipped tooth and an injured eye.https://t.co/Y9rCE25CXe

— Global BC (@GlobalBC) December 8, 2021

Vancouver Woman Assault Update

On December 4, 2021, a Vancouver woman named Rose along with her friend Coutts was assaulted at the bar. 

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It was reported that the man came to them and couldn’t take no for answer when he approached them. The man then turned back as if he was walking away but suddenly turned back and punched her until she got seriously injured.

According to the reports, Coutt’s nose is broken in three places and she is struggling to breathe. Her eyes are severely injured and she also got a chipped tooth. Similarly, her friend was also punched and she needed stitches to her head. 

She is now facing extensive surgery after being attacked. Per the doctor, surgery will roughly take six days to four weeks.

Also, Peter Nowzczeck has been arrested on the charge of assault, according to the globalnews.

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