Who Is Osi Nriagu? Everything To Know About Melissa Bishop Husband

Osi Nriagu is the mysterious husband of infamous Olympic athlete Melissa Bishop. Here is everything you need to know.

Osi Nriagu spent eight years as a jumping coach for the University of Windsor Track and Field Team Program in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and was a part of several national championship teams. 

Moreover, he has been always been praised by his students for his excellent work ethic. He is regularly complemented by his fellow coaches as well.

In 2013, he began his journey as an Assistant Coach for the Track team and field team for both men and women.

Who Is Melissa Bishop Husband Osi Nriagu?

Osi Nriagu is the husband of Canadian Athlete Melissa Bishop. 

Much like his wife, he himself is an athlete and has set impressive self records for both high jump (2.11 meters) and long jump(7.51).

In his time as a coach for the Lenoir-Rhyne University Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Teams, he met his wife, Melissa Bishop. 

He was immediately smitten by her.

Melissa and Osi have been happily married for many years. The two got married in 2017. Bishop regularly posts about her strong relationship with Nriagu through her Instagram.

The lovebirds were expecting their first child in 2019 and soon welcomed a beautiful baby girl called Corrine.

Osi Nriagu Age And Origin- Where Was He Born?

The age of Osi Nriagu is not yet disclosed but we can assume him to be in the age range of 30-40 based on his appearance.

Osi Nriagu has not shared his country of origin.

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As a black man, we can assume his parents to be of African descend.

The surname ‘Nriagu’ is native to Nigeria so we assume his ancestors to be from Nigeria.

As his wife is Canadian, we also assume him to be of Canadian nationality.

Osi Nriagu Net Worth

The net worth of Osi Nriagu is yet to be calculated but it can be assumed that he has at least $1 million dollars.

Osi had been an assistant coach to both the men’s and woman’s track teams earning roughly 29,000 dollars yearly.

Since he’s been on the job for nine years, we can assume him to have accumulated 180,000 dollars till now. 

He has also assisted in training many high-profile athletes like Derek Watkins, Michelle Pierce, Jaideen Love, Jamie Nelson to name a few. Some of these athletes have earned medals, boosting Nriagu’s reputation in the sports world.

Being an active competitive himself, Osi has been able to snatch himself a decent amount of prize money.

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