Who Is Nivine Jay On TikTok? Nivinejay Age And Ben Affleck Raya Dating App Video Details

Young-aged TikTok star Nivine Jay has stunned most people with her daring act. Let’s find out more about her.

Tiktok Star Nivine Jay is the headline of many celebrity newspapers. She is a daring person who just unmatched the famous actor, Ben Affleck.

Nivine, who has been updating videos and TikTok shoots, is getting serious hits from the outsiders. 

Though Nivine is famous for her acting in the virtual world, what is the reality of Nivine Jay?

Most of us are unaware of Nivine’s personal life and her life history. So who exactly is Nivine Jay. Let us find out.

Nivine Jay Age- How Old Is She?

Nivine Jay appears to fall in the age range of 20-30 years old.

Till now, there are no details on her birthday. For now, Nivine’s birth records have remained vague. 

However, she looks so young with her flawless skin and bold looks, most of us will instantly be her fan at first glance.

You will be surprised to see Nivine’s fan followings in her TikTok. It is numerous 

We were deprived of options and concluded her age based upon her looks in her recent images.

Nivinejay TikTok & Ben Affleck Video On Raya Dating App

Nivine Jay and Ben Affleck’s story belongs to the story of Fairytale.

Nivine, who was strolling in a dating app, got suddenly matched with an American Superstar, Ben Affleck.

Nivi was anxious and excited at the same time when she got matched with Ben. She had not mentioned anything about the conversation.

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Maybe Jay thought that the account was fake and unmatched. As per sportskeeda, Ben sent a video on Nivi’s Instagram account shortly after. 

Ben told Nivine why she had unmatched her. The news got aired online when Nivine made a TikTok on this topic.

She quoted,’ Thinking of the time I matched win Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was fake, so I unmatched him, and he sent me a video on Instagram.

However, this story can be listed among the list of the shortest love tales.

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