Who Is Nabiha Akkari? Everything To Know About Her Parents Wiki And Ethnicity Explored

Nabiha Akkari returns as the villain in the latest Netflix show Ganglands/Baraquers. Down here are some information that you may want to about the 35-year-old

Nabiha Akkari is a French/English actress known for comedy and drama French movies.

Her latest show was released on Netflix today. the show Ganglands is a mixed-up story of heist, robbery, drug cartel and complicated relationships. the first two episodes of the show were released today, The remaining episodes will be released shortly.

Although Nabiha’s role is not yet seen in the show, she stars as one of the main villains in the series.

Nabiha Akkari Age And Wikipedia

Yet to be on Wikipedia, Nabiha Akkari is a polyglot person of age 35, meaning she can speak multiple languages.

She is fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic. The skillset is a result of her mixed ethnicity. Although she primarily acts in English, French, and Spanish.

Akkari was born on 9th December 1985 in Villecresnes, making her age 35.

Surrounded by artists and cultural heritages, she got interested in art from a very young age. Thus, she found her content in music and acting.

Before making acting her professional career, her main focus was in music, especially singing. She was in a rock band called Hulawhy and released an EP as well. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2012. Luckily, their music was used in the France Kbek series making their music immortal.

Nabiha is trained as an actor in Paris, Sydney and Broadway, NY as well. Her debut movie was What a Beautiful Day in 2011. As per IMDb, she is credited for 30 movies

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Nabiha Akkari Parents And Ethnicity

Nabiha Akkari has a parent from two ethnicity of the world. One of her parents is Arabic while the other is French.

Her ethnicity cannot be boiled down to one single as she also partially belongs to the Italian and Spanish ethnicity.

Generally, she has a mixed ethnicity of Arabic and Caucasian. Akkari does not like to talk about her parents much on the media. The personal relationship she mentions is her partner Baptiste Lorber and their son.

Nabiha Akkari Instagram

Nabiha Akkari is on Instagram at @nabiakkari with 13.4K followers.

Her Instagram feed is a mixture of her personal life, family, work promotion, friend reunions and so on. Overall, we get to see the inside of her real-life rather than reel life.

Consider following the actress on Instagram for regular updates.

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