Who is Michael Le Vell And Janette Beverley’s daughter Amelia Turner?

Amelia Turner is the first child of Michael Le Vell and Janette Beverley. Amelia Turner was born in 1996, she is 26 years old as of January, 2022.

Amelia Turner has a sibling, Finlay Turner who was born in 1999. Finlay Turner is 23 years old as of January 2022. He is the second child of Michael Le Vell and Janette Beverley.

Michael Le Vell and Janette Beverley married in 1986 but parted ways in 2011 after having two children together. The family stayed very quiet and supported the breadwinner, Michael Le Vell when he was accused of rape.

Michael Le Vell was later freed. the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case, citing insufficient evidence.

Michael Le Vell gained status as a gay icon because he wore tight jeans and had a moustache. He was also the first British actor to have his left ear pierced while on screen. He later stated that his gay following diminished after he shaved off his moustache.

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