Who Is Leonard Robinson Lowell? Everything We Know About Dejah Star Murderer

Leonard Robinson, a Boston man, is suspected of murdering Dejah Starr, as per the Lowell Police. Learn more about the matter by visiting here.

A BOLO was issued by Lowell police to Lenoard Robinson Lowell, a murder suspect in Boston. It’s unclear whether he was the one who murdered Dejah Starr.  There is no official word about her assassination.

Moreover, PoleBoy DRose, the man who killed her, is alleged to be the father of her kid.

We don’t know his true name because it wasn’t stated on the internet, and we can’t be sure whether he’s the Leonard Robinson the cops are searching for. Dejah also resides in Brooklyn with her children, whereas he is based in Boston.

Further, the Lowell Police are seeking a Kia Ford with the Massachusetts plate number 2ED 004, according to the Evil North Shore of Boston.

Who Is Leonard Robinson Lowell?


Leonard Robinson Lowell, the murder suspect, is alleged to be Deja Star’s boyfriend. On social media, he probably went by the handle PoleBoy DRose.

As a result, Robinson is also known as a DRose. His true name, on the other hand, is still being investigated.

There is, however, no evidence to back up these allegations. And, based on DRose’s post, their relationship doesn’t appear to be going well. He has a feeling the child isn’t his. Then he demanded a DNA test.

Dejah Star Murderer Arrest Details And Charges

There is currently no information on Dejah Star’s murderer arrest details or charges.

According to sources, Dejah Star was murdered, and the culprit has been identified as Boston resident Leonard Robinson. D-Rose is his nickname. According to some sources, Robinson should have carried firearms, which is risky.

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Many people were saddened by the news of her passing, and they prayed for her family and relatives.

Disclosing Leonard Robinson Age 

Leonard Robinson’s current age appears to be between 20 and 30 years old, based on the available images. His exact age and date of birth, however, have yet to be revealed.

Who does that to the mother of their child… you Supposed to protect your child and the mother at all cost no matter what. Now baby girl lost both parents ‍♀️ the world we live in is real crazy. Smh Rest Easy Beautiful ❤️ Dejah Starr

— MrsknowYourWorth (@Empresscolleen1) November 26, 2021

Leonard Robinson Wife And Family Details 

There is no mention of Leonard Robinson’s wife, but he claimed that Dejah Starr was his lover.

There isn’t much information available regarding his personal life. The situation is currently under investigation by the police, and further information will be released as soon as feasible.

Further, Leonard was also from the Geneva Avenue neighborhood of Dorchester, according to the authorities, and was linked to the prior murder suspect.

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