Who Is Lawyer Emma Walters? All About John Setka Wife And Assault Accusations

Who is lawyer Emma Walters? Emma Walters is known as a high-profile lawyer and married to her husband, John Setka. Let’s know more about Assault Accusations.

Emma Walters is known as a high-profile lawyer. She is mostly recognized as the wife of John Setka.

Emma’s husband, John Setka, is a trade unionist from Australia. He is the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining, and Energy Union’s Victorian state secretary.

At 19, Setka began working as a laborer, and through the Builders Labourers Federation, he became involved in the trade union movement.

He was mentored by the Victorian state secretary of the union, John Cummins, while in the BLF.

Who Is John Setka Wife Emma Walters? Age Explored

Emma Walters, wife of John Setka, may be in her mid-forties. However, the lawyer has yet to reveal information regarding her actual age and birth date.

Likewise, her husband, John, is currently 56 years old. His actual birthdate detail is also unavailable.


Emma Walters Facebook

John Setka’s wife, Emma Walters, is not found on the social media apps such as Facebook.

Emma is quite a private person and has kept herself away from social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Lawyer Emma Walters Salary Revealed

As a high-profile lawyer, there is no doubt Emma Walters is earning a significant amount of salary and net worth. However, any details regarding her salary are hardly found on the internet.

Nor has the lawyer herself exposed the details on her income and net worth.

Emma Walters Allegations

John Setka, a union leader, is accused of attacking his wife, Emma Walters, in an alleged incident last week, prompting Ms. Walters to express concern for her safety.

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Mr. Setka, the Victorian secretary of the CFMEU, turned aggressive following an argument on Wednesday night, Ms. Walters, a high-profile lawyer, and mother of two, alleges in a written statement to police and repeatedly hit her head on a table, leaving her with a bruised forehead.

According to The Age, Emma stated that Mr. Setka grabbed the back of her head when they were outside near a small table.

John had lost his grip on reality. He slammed her head against the table around five times; according to the statement, it was excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Likewise, in 2019, After more than 25 calls and 45 texts, Mr. Setka was found guilty of harassing Ms. Walters and violating court orders.

In 2019, Mr. Setka was sentenced to a 12-month good behavior bond, as well as a men’s behavior change program and a $1000 payment to an Indigenous family violence charity.

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