Who Is Laberrick Williams From Love And Marriage Huntsville? Everything To Know

Destiny Williams is a contestant of the American Reality show Love & Marriage Huntsville. She was born in Detroit, Michigan and has been living in Huntsville now. 

Destiny Williams and LaBerrick Williams were introduced on the show Love & Marriage Huntsville as Melody Holt and Martell Holt friends.

Laberrick has stopped appearing on the show, and fans speculate that the couple is hitting a difficult road in their relationship, which may lead to divorce in the future.

Who is Destiny Williams Husband Laberrick Williams?

The couple were married on December 15, 2013, according to their marriage website.

His real name is La’Berrick Da’Juan Williams.

They met at a familiar friend’s Christmas Party in Huntsville, Alabama. This rare occasion of Destiny being in town for the holidays proved to be perfect timing.

The two locked eyes, the room stood still, and no one else was there as they gazed at one another. It was at that moment that the two became inseparable from that day forward.

His Bio on Instagram reads that he is a project manager, Pitmaster and Chef.

However, as per some sallyport, he owns and operates Jell’s 4 Ever BBQ food truck, named for his grandparents Jell and Ever Scruggs, who owned the Jell’s 4 Ever BBQ restaurant in Huntsville.

His grandparents taught him how to make their signature “Magic Red Sauce,” He also witnessed how his family helped feed anyone who came into the restaurant hungry.

Laberrick Williams Age And Net Worth 2021

The amount of his Net Worth is not available as of now.

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Additionally, he seems to be in his 40s, according to his pictures and appearances in the show.

However, looking at his professional career and his businesses, he appears to have a decent lifestyle.

Laberrick official Facebook profile reads that he is the business owner of Jell’s 4 Ever BBQ.

Williams has also worked in the army.

Laberrick Williams And Destiny Payton Williams Divorce

After the couple started to participate in the show, their relationship began to wither. Laberrick was stopped appearing in the show after the second episode.

At the same time, Destiny Payton-Williams dropped the statement during the season three premiere on 17 July that she and her husband LeBerrick Williams are divorced.

She also confessed in the live streaming that she came from Michigan to Huntsville to start a family, but things off the camera may not look as in the camera.

The couple has officially declared the divorce but hasn’t presented themselves before the law to complete legal aspects.

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