Who Is Kobe Vang? Everything To Know About The Singer Behind Kai On The Avatar Based Reality Music Show Alter Ego

Curious to know about Kobe Vang, AKA Kai From Alter Ego Show? Continue reading as we reveal everything about the singer behind Kai on the avatar-based reality music show. 

Kobe Vang, aka, gave a marvelous performance that amazed the likes of  Alanis Morissette, Nick Lachey, Grimes, and Will.i.am.

But it wasn’t enough to keep Kobe Vang and his avatar safe as he got eliminated after Erny Nunez, aka Bernie Burns.

Although his hopes of winning the competition got dashed, he won the heart of many people with his voice and demeanor right away.

Meet Kobe Vang On Instagram

Kobe Vang Is available on Instagram as @kobe_vang.

Kobe currently has 1.1k followers on his Instagram account with just 37 posts.

He is, however, dissatisfied with his present number of followers because he aspires to get at least 10,000 Instagram followers.

And his hope may come true since his audience and well-wishers have swelled substantially in recent days.

In addition to Instagram, Kobe Vang is also very much active on TikTok.

Who Is Kobe Vang Girlfriend?

Kobe Vang has not revealed anything about his girlfriend up until the present time.

Kobe appears to be single at the moment, despite the fact that he is still young and quite active.

But it’s also possible that he prefers to keep his connection hidden from the public eye.

Kobe Vang Age And Wikipedia Details

Kobe Vang is 23 years of age, as per the Wikipedia page of the Tv series Alter Ego.

He was born and bred in Berlin, Wisconsin but, currently resides in Schofield, Wisconsin.

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According to his introduction video, Kobe works on an assembly line and manufactures fans in factories.

Moreover, He also stated that he has a large family. As a result, Kobe has to work extra hard to provide for them.

On the other hand, Kobe sees the event as a significant step toward him breaking into the spotlight. He also aspires to be among the next generation of superstars.

Who Is Kobe Vang Aka Kai From Alter Ego?

Kobe Vang, aka Kai, is a singer and the contestant of the TV series Alter Ego.

Kobe believed that he did not quite fill the bill of a boy band member because of his babyface and short height.

So, he made his avatar tall and stylish in order to resemble a boy band star so he could live vicariously through it.

Furthermore, Kobe demonstrated that he had a perfect voice and an immense stage presence, but it was not enough to keep his spot on the show.

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