Who Is Kayla Benjamin? Corey Benjamin Daughter Sucker Punch – Age

Corey Benjamin daughter, Cori Benjamin, attacked her opponent during a basketball match. Let us learn about the assault incident in detail.

Cori Benjamin is the daughter of Corey Benjamin, a former NBA player. She attacked her opponent in a basketball game.

According to the organization, Cori will not be able to participate in the future AVAC United games.

The video of the incident has spread on the internet like wildfire. Likewise, the public has not shied away from expressing their thoughts regarding the situation.

Who Is Cori Benjamin?

Cori Benjamin is the daughter of Corey Benjamin.

Talking about Corey, he is a former basketball player. He is well recognized for being a part of the Chicago Bulls. Prior to starting his professional career, he played college basketball for Oregon State University. Moreover, the Chicago Bulls drafted him in 1998.

Corey is yet to comment on the controversy surrounding his daughter. The fans have asked for answers; however, he has remained silent as of today.

Corey Benjamin Daughter: Cori Benjamin Age And Instagram

Cori Benjamin’s age is 13-14 years old. According to an article published by the Los Angeles Sentinel, she was 12 years old on January 9, 2020. So, the estimation about her age has been made respectively.

This is so disgusting. FYI. That’s Corey Benjamin’s daughter. Corey Benjamin used to play for the Chicago Bulls in the 90s. You can actually hear the aggressor’s ugly mother instruct the girl, “You better hit her,” just before she sucker punches that other poor kid. https://t.co/Je3jV0we2a

— TheDiaryofDaniel (@DiaryofDaniel) November 10, 2021

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Likewise, she has a sister named Legacy Benjamin, and the duo is known as the Benjamin Ballers. Both the girls aspire to become NBA’s first female players. In fact, Cori was the one who inspired her sister to play basketball.

They are active on Instagram as @benjaminballers, and do not seem to have an individual account. As of today, they have garnered 9,9797 followers. Additionally, their Instagram account is currently private, and we do not know if they are accepting any new followers.

Cori Benjamin Lauryn Ham Punch

Cori Benjamin clobbered Lauryn Ham during a basketball game. She has been concussed since the basketball game. Since, she is unable to focus on anything Lauryn has not returned to school yet.

Alice, Lauryn’s mother, has filed a police complaint regarding the matter. However, she is yet to be updated about the status of the complaint.  

Alice, who posted the video on Instagram, has been receiving tremendous amount of support from the public.

Moreover, Cori’s mother allegedly yelled “go and hit her”. The public is furious with both Cori and her mom, and want actions to be taken against them.

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Funny they don’t mention this is Corey Benjamin’s daughter! pic.twitter.com/RKDyosvhui

— Mimi Sze (@grrrlmimi) November 10, 2021

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