Who Is Kalunda Jenkins? Racist West LA College Professor On Social Media o

Kalunda Jenkins, who had passed racist comments to a deputy officer, appears to be a West LA College Professor. Meet her on social media.

Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, aka Kalunda Jenkins, is becoming an internet sensation for her racist comments on a deputy officer. A few months back in April, Kalunda had passed racist comments and yelled murderer to a deputy officer while he was ticketing her.

The video was recorded by bodycam activated by the officer and got viral after Bill Melugin posted it on his Twitter. Afterward, many individuals exposed her through social media. Many come with her complaints and biography.

The next day of the incident, Kalunda had reached the sheriff’s office to file a complaint against the officer. Currently, the sheriff’s office is investigating her, and no legal charges are filed against her.

Racist West LA College Professor On Social Media

Previously Kalunda Jenkins had accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, after the incident, she has locked her social media profiles.

We can find her on Twitter with the name @KaliKross, but her profile is locked. There are plenty of hateful messages going around her throughout social media.

The majority of people call her racist for her statement that the Mexican police cannot be white.

Who Is Kalunda Jenkins?

Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, aka Kalunda Jenkins, is a lady who had yelled racist at a Latino deputy officer for ticketing her. She appears to be an English professor from West LA College.

In April, she had misbehaved an officer for pulling over in San Dimas. According to the video, she was pulled over and given a ticket for using mobile while driving.

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Instead of accepting her mistake, she was seen yelling at the officer. She also asked him to call the chief and yelled at him.

She constantly yelled at the officer, saying him a racist and a murderer who tried to murder her and her eight-year-old son. However, the police officer was calm, and fortunately, he had activated the bodycam, which exposed the lady.

The video got viral over the internet, and the social media users revealed her true identity. As she said in the video, she was a professor at West LA College.

Currently, her profile is not found in the college’s online directory. Moreover, many students are unleashing her lousy attitude and actual colors. The investigation is going on, and she is yet to be charged legally.

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