Who Is Jenna Wicklund Husband? Everything To Know About The Actress

An American Actress, Jenna Wicklund, is happily married to Josh Wicklund. They are blessed with two princesses. Read to know more about her.

Jeena Wicklund is an American actress who is also a makeup artist.

She is known for her work on Oh Aching Soul that was premiered in 2018.

The makeup artist got married to her sweetheart when she was just 18.

Jenna Wicklund Husband: Who Is She Married To?

At the very young age of just 18, Jeena Wicklund got married to her husband, Josh Wicklund.

As of now, it has been four years of their marriage.

They are blessed with two baby girls. Their first daughter’s name is Hazel but has not mentioned their second daughter’s name.

However, they have mentioned her baby T. It indicates they are planning to name her with the letter T.

Jeena Wicklund Age: How Old Is She?

Jeena Wicklund has not revealed her actual age. But it is clear that she was born in 1999

As of now, she is 22 years old and a proud mother of two daughters.

She was married at the early age of just 18.

Jeena Wicklund Wikipedia: Who Is She?

Sadly, Jeena Wicklund has not been featured on the official page of Wikipedia.

Although, her information is available on any web page. Here, in this article, too, we have collected her info.

She is an actress and makeup artist by her profession.

What Is Jeena Wicklund Net Worth?

Jeena Wicklund has not disclosed her actual figure of net worth.

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However, she is believed to have at least $1 million.

She primarily earns from her profession.

She is an actress and currently is a popular makeup artist.

She loves and enjoys her work. But her husband’s occupation is not disclosed either his net worth is known.

Meet Jeena Wicklund On Instagram

Well, luckily, Jeena Wicklund is active on Instagram with 2.2k followers.

She is regularly active and keeps posting her little and cute moments with herself, her husband, and her daughters.

In this way, she is interacting with her loving fans. You can follow her on @jeenawicklund.

Her husband, Josh Wicklund, is also regularly active on this platform. He has gained 341 followers.

Follow him @joshwicklund to watch out for their pictures.

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