Who Is Ja Rule’s Wife Aisha Atkins? Aisha Atkins Age, Net Worth, Bio, Young, Wikipedia

Ja Rule is an American rapper, actor, singer and songwriter who won the Male Artist of the Year at the 2002 Teen Choice Awards. Ja Rule has been a great rapper and he has worked with a number of some other top rappers in the world.

Who Is Ja Rule’s Wife Aisha Atkins?

Ja Rule walked down the aisle with Aisha Atkins in 2001, and they have lived happily together and produced three children: Jeffrey Atkins Jr, Britney Atkins, and Jordan Atkins.

Aisha Atkins is an American socialite and reality television who has made appearances in a number of television shows.

Aisha Atkins Age

How old is Aisha Atkins? Aisha Atkins was born on October 21, 1977, hence, she is 44 years of age.

Aisha Atkins Net Worth

How much is Aisha Atkins worth? The estimated net worth of Aisha Atkins is $2 million.

Young Aisha Atkins

Aisha Atkins Wikipedia

Aisha Atkins currently does not have a Wikipedia page. The editors of Wikipedia have not discovered her yet. However, Aisha Atkins’ husband, Ja Rule, has a Wikipedia page where Aisha Atkins is mentioned as his wife.

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