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Harvey Kirby Ross managed to keep his partner and dating life a secret for now, unlike his siblings. Let’s explore more about Jonathan Ross’s son.

Harvey Kirby Ross is the only son of English presenter Jonathan Ross.

Professionally, the 1994-born Harvey has an engagement in programming or engineering sectors.

What’s interesting is that in 2019, junior Ross created a game called The Bradwell Conspiracy.

Who Is Harvey Kirby Ross Partner Or Girlfriend?

There is less-to-none info about Harvey Kirby Ross’s partner or girlfriend on the web.

Though we found his sister Honey and Betty’s partners, Harvey’s love life is not yet explored on virtual platforms.

Harvey Kirby Ross Wikipedia Bio

Harvey Kirby Ross’s name is enlisted on Wikipedia of his public-figure father, Ross.

According to the wiki, we got to learn his dad Ross named him after a comic book creator called Jack Kirby.

And Jonathan was such a huge fan of and had special admiration towards the mentioned comic writer that the surname Kirby was merged into Harvey’s name.

Well, he is the second and middle child of his parents Jonathan and Jane Goldman.

What Is Harvey Kirby Ross Net Worth?

Harvey Kirby Ross might have amassed a significant net worth amount given his game-developing career.

Nonetheless, we got hold of his presenter dad’s total earnings from a site called Celebrity Networth.

The net worth of Jonathan is noted as $35 million there.

Is Harvey Kirby Ross On Instagram?

We searched Harvey Kirby Ross’s name on Instagram but failed to find the real Jonathan’s son handle.

What’s more, checking his father Jonathan’s IG account also did not display Harvey’s ID.

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We found a LinkedIn account under Harvey Ross’s name; however, we are unsure if the account belongs to the real Harvey. As per LinkedIn, he works as a Senior Developer at Stealth Mode Startup Company.

Similarly, the London native recorded his education in Imperial College London and the University of Bristol.

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