Who Is Ggarbagefairy Aka @ggarbagefairy TikTok? Reddit – Man Became Viral After Harassing Beach-Goers

Who is Ggarbagefairy, aka @ggarbagefairy on TikTok? The account’s video went viral over the web promptly. Let’s explore the video below.

Most recently account named Ggarbagefairy on TikTok trended the web with a viral video.

As the ubiquity of TikTok builds exponentially, many individuals are routinely making various content.

The heterogeneous and exclusive contents have made the platform’s users grow drastically.

Similarly, two clips made headlines that were posted by a TikTok user named @ggarbagefairy.

In the video, a group of girls is approached by a man who claims their swimwear is too revealing.

Consequently, netizens are pondering about the subtleties of the man.

Who Is Ggarbagefairy Aka @ggarbagefairy TikTok?

TikTok account named garbagefairy on TikTok repleted the public domain this week.

Admittedly, the viral video of a group of sunbathing girls becoming uncomfortable made headlines.

The user is revealed to be a female, for she has used she/her in the bio.

Similarly, the real name of the user is discovered to be Mia.

Mia, the user of TikTok, started using the platform not long ago but most recently.

On top of that, we’ve been lucky enough to uncover the age of the user.

Ggarbagefairy TikTok account’s anonymous user’s age is unveiled to be 18 years old.

We, however, are short of insights into her birth details and other subtleties.

Talking about the facts, the account has accumulated over 13.6k followers so far.

Intriguingly the account possesses only three videos yet gave have a decent number of followers.

Ggarbagefairy has stockpiled likes in thousands, i.e., 423.4k to be precise.

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Ggarbagefairy On Reddit

Let alone on TikTok, Ggarbagefairy’s video made its way over to Reddit.

The video has amassed a colossal number of comments on Reddit as well.

They have criticized the man harassing the women on their clothes.

Ggarbagefairy Viral Video: Man Became Viral After Harassing Beach-Goers.

Ggarbagefairy’s viral TikTok video has amassed over 1.4 million views.

Likewise, the viral account has gained over 316.5k likes in just 24 hours.

In the video, the man is audible, saying, “why are you dressed this way?”.

He claimed the girls to be wearing appropriate swimwear, which is way too revealing.

She received numerous mostly negative comments to the man labeling him as misogynic.

Mia, the TikTok account user, posted a follow-up video after she received the netizen’s queries.

The follow-up video revealed the name of the man to be Logan Doran.

Whereas the woman supporting him is believed to be Loran’s fiance.

The man also harassed the girls saying, “Take young eyes into consideration.”

Meanwhile, to boot, a woman is also heard acting as a catalyst to the heated conversation.

The woman says, “I want you guys to think about the fact that what you guys are doing here does matter to kids.”

In response to the comments passed, the girls replied, “We’re not bothering you, please go.”

Logan also posted a video to tell his side of the story on his TikTok as loganvandorn.

The man stated he wasn’t apologetic for his actions, for he wanted to protect the young kids.

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