Who is Forrest Galante Wife Jessica? More on his Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Grandfather and Family

Forrest Galante is an American whose profession is a wildlife biologist. Moreover, he also loves adventure and he is also a TV star. The career of Forrest got a boost when he started working with Animal Planet network. In fact, Animal Planet is the most popular platform for adventurers like Forrest. Currently, Forrest is hosting a very popular show whose name is Extinct or Alive.

His Grandfather and Family details

Forrest is the grandson of Gerald Summerfield. He is himself a very famous personality. In fact, he found out the existence of coelacanth, which was extinct over 60 million years ago. This suggests that all of his family members are keenly passionate in these natural things. However, besides his grandfather and wife, there is no details about other members of his family.

Forrest Galante Age – 31 years old

Currently, Forrest is 31 years old. He was born in the year 1998 and he celebrates his birthday every year on March 31. According to the zodiac calendar, he was born with the birth sign of Aries.

Wiki Details

Forrest Galante was born on March 31, 1998. He was born in California. However, Forrest and his family moved to Harare, Zimbabwe at an early age. He grew up in Harare along with his younger sister. Forrest’s mother was a safari guide in Africa. Hence, he and his sister often got the chance to travel African bush with their mother. He got his bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara. He got his degree in biology in the year 2009. As of 2019, he is 31 years old and is very passionate in his career. Besides biologist, Forrest is also a freediver, naturalist and conservationist. In fact, he is the youngest man to leas an international canoe safari down through the Zambezi River. Moreover, he also has his own website. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0OY8Ush-Ux/

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Forrest’s Net Worth

The exact net worth of Forrest is not available yet. However, by looking at his career graph, we can guess that he has made a good amount of money in his career. Forrest made a movie named Dancing with Dragons with the help of his photographer. Moreover, his show Extinct or Alive is very popular. Hence, he gets a good paycheck from the show. Besides, he has also been in other shows like The Nightly Show and Shark Week.

Forrest Galante’s wife – Jessica Evans

Forrest is married to Jessica Evans who eventually is his high school love. The couple got married in August of 2015. The event was held on Stocking Island in the Bahamas. The costume of Jessica in her marriage was a white swimming costume. In fact, they both went swimming in their bridal costume. All the guests of their marriage got a very interesting five-days-holiday. The couple went to South America for their honeymoon. Jessica is a science teacher. Moreover, she also loves adventure and wildlife as her husband does. Both of them were studying together in Coast Union High School. Their relationship started when they were in high school. Hence, they got engaged in 2013.

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