Who Is Elle Campbell? Everything To Know About The Designer

Are you mystified about what art does Elle Campbell designs? What is her relation with Port Adelaide Guernsey Design? Learn everything there is to know about the designer below.

Elle is an artist and a designer from Western Australia. She is freakishly talented and has earned numerous awards and prizes to prove that.

Elle Campbell Age and Background

As aforementioned, Elle Campbell is a connoisseur of Arts and Designs. She has countless pieces of her work featured in exhibitions and on her social media platforms.

The Western Aussie artist grew up on her parents’ farm in a small town called Dandaragan. The land was surrounded by coastal landscapes which stretched to Lancelin.

As for her birthday, she hasn’t mentioned the data anywhere first-hand. There is not much info on her private life and childhood either. However, her physical appearance suggests that she is within the age of 30 – 35 years.

Her physical attributes are currently unknown, but she seems to have a medium stature of 5 feet 6 inches.

Art is a critical aspect of her life. She grew up with her family, but she lived overseas working as a makeup artist during her young adolescent days while studying and travelling where the profession takes her to.

After the heartbreaking loss of her father, Elle returned home to pursue her career in Fashion and Textile.

Her creative expression started to evolve as she worked as a designer and practised on linen based cloth.

Elle Campbell and Port Adelaide Guernsey Design

The indigenous artist Elle has recently accused the Football Club called Port Adelaide of passing greenlighting stolen design for the team’s 2021 guernsey.

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Elle remains heartbroken as her copyright creation was stolen and used for an established reputation club without her permission.

According to 7news, she has taken legal actions against the club and has pressured the authorities for a formal investigation to look into her claims.

She even put up her original painting on her social media as proof of her originality and claims against the club.

Elle Campbell: Instagram

You can know more about the designer and her arts following her Instagram @ellecampbellart.

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