Who Is Dr Salomon Melgen? Wikipedia Bio, Wife and Facts To Know

Dr. Salomon Melgen Wikipedia: Here’s everything to know about the convicted eye doctor.

Dr. Salmom Melgen is an American doctor who was arrested on 67 charges, including stealing $73 million from Medicare, falsifying records, submission of false claims, and more.

The infamous doctor from South Florida was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison. But, recent news suggests that his prison stay might get shortened by years.

Quick Facts: Who Is Dr Salomon Melgen? Wikipedia Bio, Wife and Facts To Know

Name Dr Salomon Melgen
Age 66
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Eye Doctor
Married/Single Married
Wife Flor Melgen

One name currently expected on the list is Dr. Salomon Melgen, the prominent eye doctor from Palm Beach who is in prison after being convicted on dozens of counts of health care fraud. Melgen was the co-conspirator in the corruption case of Sen. Bob Menendez. https://t.co/fvQSr8KlQt

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10 Facts About Dr. Salomon Melgen

Dr. Salomon Melgen’s Wikipedia doesn’t exist for now. But, according to his bio on multiple sites, he had been a practicing doctor for nearly 35 years when he got convicted in 2018.Dr. Salomon Melgen is married to his named Flor Melgen. Though not much is known about the couple’s marriage, his wife remained by his side during the court proceedings.Talking about his age, Dr. Salomon is 66 years old as of January 2021. He was probably born in the year 1954.Though the exact net worth of Dr. Salomon Melgen is not made public, it is not hard to take him for a multi-millionaire. The doctor dealt in millions as a doctor and had reportedly lost $68 in losses from investments.Back in July 2020, an appeals court had rejected Dr. Salomon’s appeal for a wrongful conviction. His sentence of 17 years in Medicare fraud was upheld by the appeals court.However, it seems like Dr. Salomon Melgen will be out of prison, after all. As per a report by CNN, Melgen may be one of the 100 persons listed to be pardoned by US President Donald Trump before the end of his term.Talking about the case, several of Dr. Salomon Melgen’s ex-girlfriends gave testimonies against the convicted doctor. Some of his ex-girlfriends include Rosiell Polanco-Suera and Svitlana Buchyk.Regarding his childhood, Melgen was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He moved to the USA as an immigrant in 1978.At the time of his practice, Salomon was one of the highest-paid doctors in the states. In 2012 alone, he received $21 million from Medicare.Dr. Salomon was also accused of bribing Senator Robert Menendez. Salomon allegedly paid for tickets worth $58,000 for Menendez to travel to the Dominican Republic.

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