Who Is Dmitry Muratov Wife? Everything About The Nobel Prize Winner 2021

Who is Dmitry Muratov’s wife? Here’s everything to know about the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Dmitry Muratov is a Russian journalist who currently works as Novaya Gazeta’s editor-in-chief.

He and Maria Ressa jointly won the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Maria is a Filipino journalist and Rippler’s CEO.

Muratov, along with his newspaper, is highly critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Dmitry Muratov Wife And Family

Dmitry Muratov doesn’t seem to have been married at the moment.

He hasn’t disclosed any information on his love life to the general public.

Dmitry is 59 years old and was born on 30 October 1961 in Kuibyshev. Like most of the things related to his personal life, the information on his parents and family remains a mystery.

Regardless, as a journalist, he must have helped thousands of Russian families by providing a lot of factual news.

Dmitry Muratov Religion

Dmitry Muratov’s religion is one of the many mysteries that people online want to unveil.

However, the man himself never spoke a word on the matter, not in social media and not in interviews. Nonetheless, we can make a few predictions. Apparently, as per the statistics, the Russian Othrodoxy is the biggest religion in Russia.

So, Dmitry probably believes in Russian Orthodoxy. If not, there are also other religions in the country including, Muslim, Atheist, and other Christians, which he possibly believes.

Dmitry Muratov Net Worth: Nobel Prize 2021

Dmitry Muratov’s estimated net worth is about $1.5 million.

The majority of his income is from his work as the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, the company he co-founded in 1963. And considering his 58-year-long career as the editor and founder of the Russian pro-democracy magazine, his net worth seems justified.

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In addition to that, Dmitry’s recent Nobel Peace Prize win jointly with Maria Ressa should have added quite a bit to his income.

Quite a bit! That’s somewhere around $550 thousand to his bank account after accounting for Maria’s share. The Norwegian Nobel Institute based in Oslo announced that the winners got about $1.1 million.

The two won the Nobel prize for their joint efforts in safeguarding the freedom of speech, a prerequisite for democracy and sustainable peace, in Russia and the Philippines. The news broke out on 8 October 2021, and the Nobel prize community called the two the representatives of all journalists, standing up for the freedom of speech.

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