Who Is David Poses? His Wikipedia & Age Details Of Author

Author David Poses’s death has made people know about him and his Wikipedia. How the mental health campaigner died is unclear as of now.

David Poses was a New York-based American writer, lecturer, and activist.

He battled heroin addiction from a young age and battled it for over two decades before embarking on his own path to recovery and public awareness.

Is Author David Poses On Wikipedia?

Author David Poses, a writer, speaker, and activist does not have a Wikipedia feature. After seeing the truth about addiction rehabilitation and hearing the false news about the issue, he decided to share the truth via his words and books.

He was the author of The Weight of Air and has given interviews for prestigious publications such as The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and others.

David began speaking up and confronting the disregard for research and facts in drug treatment prevention and policy after 20 years of hiding his problem with depression and opioids.

His work has featured in The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and New York Daily News, as well as other newspapers, magazines, and podcasts.

He has also been on national TV and radio shows, including CBS’ The Doctors, as well as many newspapers, magazines, and podcasts.

Know David Poses Age

When it came to David Poses’ age, he was 45 years old when he died. His exact year of birth is unknown, however, he was said to be 42 years old in 2018.

We might deduce from this that the activist was approximately 45 or 46 years old when he died in February of 2022.

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While he had a wonderful background, he struggled with drug addiction during his adolescence.

David Poses Wife: Is He Married?

David Poses lived in New York with his wife, children, and pets, as well as far too many guitars for a guitarist of his calibre.

It also had a searingly honest perspective shaped by research and lived experience.

David pushes for a transition from punitive, self-defeating prohibition laws and rationale to a strategy based on evidence, compassion, and the Harm Reduction philosophy, with grit, humour.

David Poses Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

David Poses’ net worth is estimated to be $155K. He was also active on Twitter.

A Twitter user called Abraham Gutman spoke out about his demise but, it made no mention of the likely cause of death.

Online sources have also remained silent on the tragedy, thus there is no way of knowing what caused Poses’ death.

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