Who Is Collin Scott Knapp? Update On Boyfriend Of Missing Woman Kathleen Moore

Reportedly, Collin Scott Knapp, 30, has been arrested and charged with the second-degree murder of a Largo woman Kathleen Moore. Who is he? Let us clear the doubts.

Collin Scott Knapp is the boyfriend of a missing woman, Kathleen Moore. Moore has gone missing since last week, and deputy officers of Pasco County shocking twist on her missing case. 

As per WOGX, the officers barely disclosed any details regarding her death. However, they release a statement, blood-stained cloth, which was thrown in a dumpster near Knapp’s place of employment, has been found. Police suspect Collin might be the one.

Nevertheless, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said, “Collin and Kathleen were seen together on November 28, at bars in Largo and Indian Rocks Beach, and there were arguments. He even physically abused her at Knapp’s residence.  

Who Is Collin Scott Knapp? Age And Wiki Bio Explained

Collin is a suspect in connection with his girlfriend, Kathleen Moore’s murder. He is charged and was under arrest, sources confirmed.

Regarding his date of birth, Colin’s age is 30 years as of now, according to the reports.

Kathleen Moore, who felt Black men weren’t good enough, was murdered by her “zaddy” Collin Knapp.

He’s charged with her murder after she went missing.https://t.co/FLepla8EGB#divesttwitter #divest #whiteboysummer #givewhitemenachance#Bami pic.twitter.com/tyBePYC34q

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However, Colin’s parent’s details are confidential at this time. If convicted, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Police are asking his question in connection with her death or missing body. 

Collin Scott Knapp Is Arrested And Charged With Second Degree Murder

Collin faced a second-degree murder charge of Kathleen, police said. He is very 

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At 6am on @WFLA – Boyfriend of Kathleen Moore arrested @WFLABrittany – School shooting copycats @WFLABeth – Dangerous, fog this morning! @WFLALeigh & @WFLADeanne – Pickles’ Pick– Delta & Omicron– New deputy on holiday patrol at @HCSOSheriff @WFLAChris

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The blood which cops found at Collin’s dumping yard gave the cops a hint that he was a perpetrator. He is under custody now, and cops are questioning him. What has happened? Where is her body? Only Collin can help to solve the mystery.

Kathleen was 34 when she vanished last week. Reports said, Knapp, has a criminal record of domestic violence with other women and has been taken into custody for ten felonies, including nine misdemeanors in the past.

TB Area Native Collin Scott Knapp Is A Boyfriend Of Kathleen Moore

Collin is described as the boyfriend of Kathleen, 34, of Largo. The whereabouts of the woman are not accessible now. She disappeared last week. 

As per the Sun, Kathleen was a mom of a kid. She was last seen at around 1 am local time on November 29 in the Carmel Avenue area of Pasco County. Kathleen hasn’t talked to anyone after the argument with Knapp on November 29. 





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