Who Is Chuck Barnes, The Founder Of Indiana Pacers? And What Is Chuck Barnes Cause Of Death?

Chuck Barnes was the son of former Dayton Tire & Rubber Company president C.M. “Pat” Barnes and a former Firestone public relations manager. Barnes established Sports Headliners, Inc. in 1965, paving the way for the area of sports management.

Barnes began his career representing racing legends Mario Andretti, Jim Clark, A. J. Foyt, and Rodger Ward before branching out into professional football and basketball, signing Johnny Unitas, O. J. Simpson, Calvin Hill, and Pat Hayden, among others.

Barnes’ hefty deal for Simpson when he joined the Buffalo Bills set a new standard for NFL pay. Barnes was one of the initial investors that bought the (then ABA) club that became the Indiana Pacers in 1967.

In addition, Barnes was on the board of directors of the (defunct) Ontario Motor Speedway and briefly served as President, then Commissioner of the World Football League.

Chuck Barnes Death

What Is Chuck Barnes Cause Of Death? There is no information about the death of Chuck Barnes available to the public at the moment.

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