Who Is Cadel Evans Ex Partner Chiara Passerini? Details To Know

Cyclist Cadel Evans and his ex-partner Chiara Passerini separated in 2015 after a decade of marriage. Chiara is now married to Matteo Vanelli.

Chiara Passerini is an Italian-born woman who is recognized as a famous former celebrity spouse.

Chiara was married to a famous Australian cyclist Cadel Evans. But, due to his busy schedule and lack of time for his family, they had to split up, eventually.

Hence, still, people are concerned regarding Chiara since she became a famous personality because of her husband.

Indeed, concerns regarding her life right now, which is after her divorces are rapidly increasing across the web.

Chiara Passerini: Cadel Evans Ex-Partner

Chiara Passerini is the ex-partner of Australian cyclist and professional mountain bike racer, Cadel Evans.

Chiara and Cadel got married back in the year 2005 and stayed together for a decade. Later, they separated in the year 2015.

When asked about it, the couple said that they could not spend any time together due to Cadel’s career.

Hence, they did not hold any grudges and separated on good terms saying to remain good friends. Also, they are co-parenting their adopted son.

After her divorce from Cadel, Chiara later got married again to a man named Matteo Vanelli, who is probably her current husband.

She also seems to have given birth to another child as per her Instagram handle.

Chiara Passerini Age And Wikipedia

Chiara Passerini’s age is currently 42 years old.

However, her exact date of birth has not been revealed anywhere. Meanwhile, her age is calculated based on a December 2013 report, which identified Chiara as a 34-year-old.

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Regarding Wikipedia, Chiara Passerini is not on the platform since she is a celebrity spouse and not a renowned personality herself.

Also, there is no information regarding her professional life or occupation.

Chiara Passerini Parents

Chiara Passerini was born and raised by her parents in Italy.

Even though Chiara lives between Italy, Switzerland, and Australia, her parents are natives of Italy.

However, there is not much detailed information regarding their specifics.

Is Chiara On Instagram?

Chiara Passerini is on Instagram under the username @sonolapassy.

Here, she has about 850 followers with over 490 posts.

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