Who Is BBC Journalist Myroslava Petsa Husband; Her Net Worth And Family Details

Myroslava Petsa is a female journalist who is currently serving as a Multimedia Producer at the leading public service broadcaster, BBC. Grab the article down below for your further understanding.

Myroslava Petsa is a BBC journalist who has been actively raising her voice in the ongoing situation between Ukraine and Russia. She is a former television producer of Sky News which is a reputed news service company.

Petsa was a foreign news correspondent on Channel 5 where she used to write columns and edit international news stories for Ukraine’s citizens. She also served as a fixer, freelance TV producer at AI Jazeera English, ABC, BBC Scotland, Los Angeles Times, and McClatchy Newspapers.

Myroslava Petsa worked as an editor for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest at Ukraine’s Selection on Channel-One for three months. From September 2000 to June 2001, she associated with the Center for Contemporary Art as an assisant of the art center.

Who Is BBC Journalist Myroslava Petsa Husband?

Journalist Myroslava Petsa has recently mentioned her husband as historian/ translator in her Twitter posts. However, she hasn’t uncovered his name publicly so far now.

Following the war between Ukraine and Russia, Myroslava Petsa’s beloved husband joined the territorial defense in Kyiv. Based on her posts, he doesn’t belong to the army background but defending his nation is his biggest moral obligation.

Myroslava Petsa is a proud wife to his darling husband. On 26 Feb 2022, she wrote on her Twitter, “Re -my husband, He’s a historian who speaks 7 modern language, studies Sanskrit and knows Latin. He is a father to our girls. I couldn’t force him into leaving Kyiv. I am strong.”

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BBC Journalist Myroslava Petsa Net Worth – How Much Does She Earn?

Myroslava Petsa’s net worth is still under review as of 2022. She hasn’t shared any pieces of information regarding her salary and income in the press to date.

As a professional journalist, Myroslava Petsa has guarded her private details to some extent. Thus, the internet has no records of her net worth, properties, and investments.

Myroslava Petsa has been pursuing her journalism career for a long time now and must have earned sufficient money to fulfill the basic needs of her family.

The former news correspondent of M1 TV Channel, Myroslava Petsa must have millions of net worth as per our estimation. She deserves to have good earnings considering her contribution.

Explore BBC Journalist Myroslava Petsa’s Family Ethnicity & Kids Details

Myroslava Petsa’s family hails from Kyiv, Ukraine. However, she is yet to share further details on her parent, and other family members.

BBC Journalist Myroslava Petsa might possess a mixed ethnicity. But, there are no relevant information available on her family ethnic background on the web at present.

Myroslava Petsa shares twins kids with her husband. At present, she is living in the countryside with her children at her aunt’s house. It took them more than 12 hours to make a 300 km ride from the capital city Kyiv.

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