Who Is Anna Croskrey? Everything We Know About Cooper Kupp Wife o

Cooper Kupp wife Anna Croskrey, is one of the most attractive people and a devoted supporter of her husband.

Cooper Kupp, a wide receiver with the Los Angeles Rams, has had a solid start to his NFL career, spending four seasons with the team.

The NFL player is a fan favourite among Rams fans, who were pleased when news broke that Cooper signed a new three-year contract in 2020.

His wife, Anna Croskrey, who has been his strongest supporter since his college football days, was maybe the most ecstatic. She gained media attention after dating the football player, and her fame has only grown since then.

Fans of the professional football player, Cooper, became captivated by their connection. They wanted to learn more about the lovely woman dating the professional athlete, from her work to her background and other fascinating details about her life.

Who Is Cooper Kupp Wife Anna Croskrey?

Cooper Kupp, a football player, is Anna Croskrey’s husband. They met at Eastern Washington University when they were both students.

There was the classic love story: their eyes met across the room at an award ceremony, and the rest is history — it was love at first sight.

They started dating soon after and married in 2014. Finally, in June 2015, Anna and Cooper made their way to the altar and were married in a stunning ceremony.

The smitten couple wasted no time starting a family, and their first kid was born on July 3, 2018. Cooper Jameson Kupp was the boy’s name.

Anna has been a wonderful mother and wife, and her marriage seems to be becoming more potent with each passing year. However, Anna and Cooper have never had an adulterous relationship.

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Anna Croskrey Age And Wiki Bio

Anna Croskrey was born on March 22, 1994, and is 27 years old as of 2021.

Croskrey has not been featured on the official page of Wikipedia.  

Anna was a track and field professional athlete at Richland High School, where she graduated in 2012. She even coached young children on the track and in the region.

Moreover, Croskrey also worked at a local restaurant in her hometown. The attractive track and field athlete, Anna, has light blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

She enjoys travelling to numerous international destinations, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest.

Anna Croskrey Family

Anna Marie Croskrey was born in Kennewick, Washington, and was raised by her parents, Nathan and Veronica Croskrey, in Richland, Washington.

She comes from a large family with five siblings, including her sisters, Sarah Ojeda and Abigail Joy, and Aaron and Matthew.

The Croskrey brothers’ or sisters’ partners are likewise included in the expanding household.

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