Who Is Angharad Williamson? Prison Sentence For Heartless Killer Mother Of Logan Mwangi

Logan Mwangi’s murder in 2021 devastated the nation’s heart, and many are now wondering what happened to his mother, Angharad Williamson.

The 5-year-old kid died after months of physical abuse and confinement in the “dungeon” of his small, dark bedroom, and his mother and stepfather were sentenced to life in prison.

Both Williamson and the child were found guilty of perverting the course of justice, an offense Cole acknowledged before trial.

Angharad Williamson, Logan’s stepfather John Cole, and a juvenile who cannot be identified for legal reasons were found guilty of Logan’s murder last summer.

ITV is now airing a program about the horrific case, complete with interviews and police evidence, to help tell the narrative of what truly happened to the young boy.

Mrs. Justice Jefford will impose life sentences but must first determine the minimum length of custody each prisoner must spend before applying for release.

Who Is Angharad Williamson? Wikipedia Bio Of Logan Mwangi’s Killer Mother

After being convicted guilty of murdering her kid, Angharad Williamson’s claims of being a loving mother with the “ideal little family” were shattered.

According to the PA news agency, she grew up in Essex with a twin brother and a younger brother and attended a fee-paying elementary school.

But even before she met Cole, she had resorted to a life of deception and violence. She was charged with two counts of theft after using her mother’s credit card to make unauthorized purchases.

On another occasion, she stole her mother’s car with a boyfriend and was sentenced in court to a community order and unpaid work.

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What Happened To Angharad Williamson? Her Prison Sentence After Trial

Logan Mwangi’s mother and stepfather were sentenced to life in jail today for torturing and murdering the defenseless five-year-old.

John Cole, 40, and Angharad Williamson, 31, will serve minimum sentences of 29 and 28 years, respectively.

While a 14-year-old child who cannot be identified due to his age will spend a minimum of 15 years after being convicted guilty of murder.

‘You are accountable for Logan’s death and all the anguish that has resulted from it,’ the judge told his killers. It is impossible to know what happened to him because he was murdered in his own home.

Both Williamson and the child were found guilty of perverting the course of justice, an offense Cole acknowledged before trial.

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Heartless Mother Angharad Williamson And Step-Dad Killed Son Logan Aged 5 years

Logan, whose body was discovered in the River Ogmore in Bridgend, was murdered by John Cole, 40, and Angharad Williamson, 31.

During his police statement, Cole stated he was awakened by Williamson, who told him Logan died in a “freak accident.”

Williamson, the murderer, had come to Bridgend with Logan after her divorce and soon met John Cole in a nearby tavern.

Angharad, the heartless mother became pregnant despite Cole being in a relationship with someone else.

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During the trial, Williamson said that the connection shifted when Logan’s father re-established communication with his son.

Cole is reported to have barred Logan from seeing his father because he was envious that Ben Mwangi was having an affair with Williamson.

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