Who Is Andre Spicer? Everything To Know About The Compton California Politician

Andre Spicer is a 39-year-old Compton-based businessman, and he is also a Californian politician who serves as a liaison in the 3rd district, Campton. 

Andre Spicer is a businessman and a Californian politician. He’s from Jamaica. He lived his whole life in District 2 Compton, Calfornia.

He is the owner of HubCity. He is the president of Hub radio.

He recently joined politics. On April 20, Primary Nominating Election, Andre came in first place with 36 percent of the vote to Galvan’s 25.

Likewise, Andre’s father was a member of the Compton Police Department.

His family has called Compton their home for almost 60 years.

Compton: Who Is Andre Spicer? Wikipedia

Andre Spicer is known for his business, The Hub City, but he has many other businesses.

Similarly, The Hub City is a community broadcasting and podcasting studio. His other businesses include a Water Worx Purified, a freshwater supply store located at Long Beach Blvd. and Elm Street.

Likewise, he has Naturali Me Hair Salon and Beauty Bar on Long Baech Blvd. and palmer Street where Andre says They specialize in Black natural hair like Locs and twist.

He is also a renter.

Recently, Andre has also turned into a politician.

How Old Is Andre Spicer? Political Party

Andre Spicer’s age is 39 years old. He served as a liaison for 3rd District Compton Councilwoman Michelle Chambers.

He was born in Campton, California.

There is no info about him on Wikipedia.

Likewise, he is also a Californian politician now. In this position, he served the businesses and residents of Council District 2.

He has maintained productive communication with other City Council offices and City departments and provided advice and assistance to individuals and groups residing in the district.

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Andre Spicer Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Shantavia Spicer is Andre Spicer’s wife.

The couple has been married for almost seven years.

The couple has three children together. The ages of children are 5, 8 and 14.

Likewise, Andre posts pictures and videos of his children on Instagram too.

What Is Andre Spicer Salary?

Andre Spicer’s net worth is in the millions.

His primary source of income is his business. He is mainly known for his Hub City Radio.

Likewise, Andre is also backed out by several businesses in Compton. Some of them are Compton Car Wash Studios, Billionaire Burger Boyz, Grocery Outlet, Alexandar Burritos, The Re-up Water Juice Spot, St Jullian’s Barber shop, etc.

No wonder he’s a millionaire.

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