Who is Amin Jaffer? Everything To Know

Is Amin Jaffer On Wikipedia? He is an Indian Art Expert who has been working with the World leading art and design museums. Let us get to know him more.

Amin is the Senior Curator at the Al Thani Collection and has worked as International Director of Asian Art at Christie’s in London.

He visited the Louvre when he was just six years old. By the age of 10, he had visited most of the major museums of Europe which further ignited his passion for art and culture.

Is Amin Jaffer Married? Know His Wife And Net Worth

There are no details on Amin Jaffer’s wife on the internet.

Amin has yet to disclose any clues relating to his marriage or relationships. He has kept his dating life quite private from the web. Therefore, we have no clue about his wife or anyone he is currently dating.

Talking about his net worth, it is still under review.

Amin has been in the art industry for over a decade and a half. He has worked in the top positions at the major museums around Europe. If we go through his social media, he is seen luxuriously living his life.

Amin Jaffer Age: How Old Is He?

Amin Jaffer has yet to reveal his age to the public.

He has not disclosed information regarding his age or date of birth on any of his social media platforms. There are no details on the internet either.

He was born into an Indian-origin business family based in Kigali, Rwanda. He belonged to a merchant family that traded between India and Africa.

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He went on to study ceramics at the University in Toronto and moved to London for his Master’s at the Royal College of Art.

He completed his Ph.D. from the same university and has spent more than a decade in the field of art.

Is Amin Jaffer On Wikipedia?

No, Amin Jaffer has not been able to get his bio on Wikipedia yet.

However, we can find his bio from his LinkedIn profile. He has also been featured in various articles and interviews.

We can find him on Twitter and Instagram. He has a good social media presence and following as well.

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