Who Is Alan Kalter Wife Peggy Masterson? Late Show Announcer Dies At The Age of 78

American television announcer Alan Kalter died at the age of 78 years as confirmed by his wife Peggy Masterson.

Alan Kalter was best known as the announcer of the show “Late Show with David Letterman”.

Kalter also hosted a show “Alan Kalter’s Celebrity Interview” which ran synchronously with The Late Show.

Alan has sadly passed away after five years of his retirement from his job at CBS.

This news was widely spread and became a headline as Alan was famous personnel.

The sad news of his sudden demise made a lot of people speechless and started to express their heartfelt condolences.

Who Is Alan Kalter Wife Peggy Masterson?

Alan Kalter tied the knot with his wife Peggy Masterson back in 2003.

The couple was together for 18 years but Alan’s sudden death left Peggy heartbroken.

However, Peggy Masterson was the second wife of Late Alan Kalter.

Kalter’s first wife was Carol Cepler their marriage ended in a divorce.

The sad demise of Alan Kalter was confirmed by his wife Peggy Masterson as reported by Daily News.

Meanwhile, the personal or professional detail’s regarding Peggy are not known at the moment.

Alan Kalter Children

Talking about Alan Kalter’s children, he has two daughters Lauren Hass and Diana Binger.

Alan’s sudden demise had left their family devastated.

He seemed really happy with his wife Peggy Masterson and his children.

However, the detailed information related to Alan’s children is not mentioned on the online websites.

What Is Alan Kalter Net Worth?

Alan Kalter left a decent net worth of $1 to $5 million behind.

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However, his actual net worth has not been confirmed yet.

But looking at his successful career, Alan Kalter might have earned a reasonable sum of money during his entire career.

Kalter was also appointed as the announcer for several New York-based television shows like The Money Maze, To Tell the Truth, and The $25,000 Pyramid.

Alan Kalter has nearly completed 1500 episodes of the tv show “The Late Show”.

Alan Kalter Cause of Death

Talking about Alan Kalter’s cause of death, he might have died due to some serious health conditions.

He took his last breath at the Stamford Hospital on October 4, 2021.

However, the exact cause of Kalter’s death is unknown at this moment.

It’s really heartbreaking to say goodbye to the well-loved personality for his awkward comedies and comics.

He will always be remembered for his incredible works.

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