Who Is Akiriyiah McClellan And Why Did The Murrah High School Student Jumped Off Bridge?

It is indeed devastating news that Murrah High School Student Jumped off Bridge. Learn what had happed to Akiriyiah McClellan.

Teenage is the most sensitive age of life that lots of changes happen in hormones and when children start becoming adults and go through mixed emotions.

There is news on media regarding the teenage girl, Akiriyiah McClellan, who committed suicide. We have covered your obvious questions like why and how? Keep reading to the end.

Who Is Akiriyiah McClellan?

Akiriyiah McClellan was a student of The Murrah High School located in Jackson, MS. She was a student in grade 10. She left the suicide note on the school and left the school.

She went to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in I-55 in Jackson, Ms, and jumped off the bridge which has great height. The Facebook user, Teresa Toney shared the news and expressed her concern.

It was sad how no one was able to stop her from jumping. There is no information or revelation regarding her suicide note. Parents need to pay extra attention to their children as they grow up.

Teachers and friends also play a vital role. If any of the teachers noticed her being upset and would have approached her to ease her pain, things might have not turned this worst.

Why Did Akiriyiah McClellan, The Murrah High School Student Jumped Off Bridge?

Akiriyiah McClellan’s suicide has been announced on social media platforms. Somebody who witnessed her suicide shared the news. As per the announcement, many people witnessed her killing herself.

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As per her school, she looked upset on the first period then walked away resulting in to end of her life. As of now, we do not know what is the reason that she had to take such a harsh decision.

She was in grade 10, her case has taught many parents that they need to understand their teenage children. They could commit serious crimes, and much more so, regular counseling is required.

Know About Akiriyiah McClellan Parents & Age

Akiriyiah McClellan is fifteen years old student. Her parents have not come forward to talk or shed light on the emotions the girl was going through if they were aware.

It will be very difficult for any parent to lose a child, especially when they are grown up. Soon they could have seen Akiriyiah living her life and making them proud, but things went wrong.

We pray for the deceased family and relatives to have much strength to cope with the situation and the departed soul to rest in heaven. We hope later they would share a few things about her.

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