Who Is Abigail Heringer? Learn Everything About Bachelor In Paradise Contestant

Abigail Heringer is proud of her Korean ethnicity. The reality TV star has been quite open about her origin. Let us learn more. 

Abigail Heringer may not have won the heart of Matt James on season 25, but she did win millions of hearts with her pleasing character on the show.

The 25-year-old financial analyst is back for her next TV appearance in “Bachelor in Paradise and fans have been cheering for her.

Abigail Heringer’s Ethnicity and Nationality. How Much Korean is she?

Abigail Heringer identifies herself as an Asian. Since her biological dad was Korean, she further clarifies herself as half-Korean.

She and her sister was adopted by her dad Weston Heringer. She holds an American Nationality.

How deaf is she?

Abigail Heringer was born deaf. She reportedly underwent a successful cochlear implant at the age of 2 years old.

On her first episode with Matt James, she revealed her impairment saying “I’m going to be reading your lips a lot tonight, but thankfully you have really beautiful lips. So I’m not complaining”.

She received her first kiss along with “the first impression rose” on her first night with Matt James. This was the moment when she received mass appreciation from the audience for being vulnerable about her disability.

Abigail Heringer’s Family

Abigail’s Parents are Suzie Heringer, a housewife, and Weston Heringer, a pediatric doctor. Weston Heringer is her stepdad.

In an Instagram story, she revealed that her biological father left her mother, Suzie, right after she and her sister got their implants.

She grew up with 3 siblings, her elder sister, Rachel Heringer, and her brothers, Alistair and Stuart Heringer.

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In an interview, her mother showed admiration towards her daughter stating “She’s managed to always made us proud, and she’s got a really good head on her shoulders, so I don’t worry about anything. Hopefully, she’ll have fun.”

Know about Abigail Heringer’s Biography

Abigail Heringer was born on 3rd March 1995 in Beaverton, Oregon. She is 5’6″ tall and weighs about 51 kg.

She graduated from South Salem High School in 2013. As a high schooler, Abigail was an intelligent student with a reportedly near-perfect GPA. She also had an interest in Golfing.

She started her job as a Financial Analyst in Opus Agency in 2020 after she received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Linfield College. Before joining Opus Agency she has worked as an investment analyst and manager research analyst for an investment consulting firm.

Abigail spends much of her time outdoors, exploring the gorgeous landscape. We can find pieces of evidence of this on her official Instagram posts.

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