Who Are Tommy Davidson Parents? Mom Barbara Davidson and Father

Tommy Davidson was raised by his adoptive parents. Get to know more about them.

He recently talked about his late white mother, which is a tribute to her beautiful memory.

Who Are Tommy Davidson Parents?

Officially, Tommy Davidson parent is Barbara Jean Davidson and her husband. However, he is their adoptive child. In addition, there are no details about his father- neither the biological nor the adoptive.

He was 18 months old when Barabara found him in the garbage. She originally belongs to Caucasian ethnicity but brought up a child with an African-American identity.

Davidson has always known of Barabara as his mother until he was nearly 33 years old. His birth mother, Tommie Gene, suddenly called him when he was in the set of “Woo.”

It was life-changing news to him that brought tears of joy in his eyes but sadness as well. He was not ready to face his biological mother, who abandoned him when he was just 18 months old.

He did not connect to her for several months, and in 1998 when he was performing in Wisconsin where she lied, he invited her and her family to see him in the show.

He shared that it was an out-of-body experience, but he was finding it difficult to accept her as his mother. Eventually, he learned that she already had three children besides him and was tackling addiction.

He later forgave her because he thought that she did not have a choice back then and did not abandon him on purpose. She did not have control over the things that were happening to her.

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All of these things about his meeting with his birth mother and his emotions afterward were shared through his book named Living in Color.

Learn About Tommy Davidson Mom Barbara Davidson and His Father

Tommy Davidson mom Barbara Jean Davidson was a civil activist when she adopted him. Sadly, she is no more in the world.

There is no information about his father or Barbara’s husband on the internet.

He was adopted by White Americans, whereas he was African-American. He grew up with two other white siblings- brother Michael and sister Beryle.

Though his adoptive mother raised him in the integrated neighborhood of Washington D.C., she failed to protect him from racism.

He once shared that there have been situations when he would hang out with Black people and when they see her sister, they would look at him. Similarly, when he would go out with white people, he could sense the air of racism.

Is Tommy Davidson Married? Who Is His Wife?

Yes, Tommy Davidson is married to Amanda Moore, who has been his long-time girlfriend. The 57 years old actor also has two children from his former relationship.

He has a son named Isaiah Davidson and a daughter named Jillian Davidson. He does not have children with his present wife. Both of them are acting as parents to Tommy’s children.

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