Who Are Shot Of Poison Band From Clash Of The Cover Bands? Details To Know About The Tribute Band

Band. Learn about the Band Members Age Name, Family And Instagram.

Shot of Poison is the world’s only tribute to the 35th anniversary of the greatest rock & roll party band of all time, Poison!

It is composed of veteran founders of successful tribute bands, aiming to be the best tribute to Poison in the world.

Shot Of Poison Band Members Name

The Shot of Poison band consists of band members, including Ken Gillman, Adam Boc, Bruce Bennett, and Frank Pupillo.

Franko Pupillo is the vocalist of the band, who arrived on the New England music scene over thirty years ago as a drummer and vocalist.

Likewise, Bruce Bennett is on guitar. He has worked with thousands of musicians throughout New England recording, production, mastering, live sound, and digital duplication.

Similarly, Ken Gillman is on drums and has a long history of playing in original, cover, and tribute bands in New England. Moreover, he is the founder of Shot of Poison.

Nonetheless, Adam Boc is on Bass of the band and a singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, and manager who has been a fixture on the Boston indie original rock scene and New England music scene for decades.

Shot Of Poison Band Members Age

The age of members of Shot of Poison is missing on the internet.

However, the band members seem to be around 35-45 years old.

Kenny started playing drums at age nine. He founded and ran M80, a tribute to the Hair Bands of the ’80s.

Likewise, Franko has been a part of the music industry for three decades now.

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Similarly, Adam has been in the New England music scene for decades. In 2012, he founded AfterFab, the world’s first band to tribute the music of the solo careers of all four Beatles.

And apart from music, Bruce is the owner of New England’s largest CD/DVD factory – Superdups/New England Compact Disc.

Shot Of Poison Band Members Family

The band members of Shot of Poison have not shed light on their family.

It seems like the band members have kept their personal life a secret from their professional life.

Although being a part of the music industry for many decades, the members have shown their professionalism. They have been able to keep their private life confidential.

Also, it seems like the band members are not active on social media platforms. So, it is almost impossible to extract information about their family.

Shot Of Poison Band Members Instagram

The Shot of Poison band members is active on Instagram.

However, the members do not have a separate Instagram account but a single band account.

The Instagram account is under the username @shotofpoison and has 573 followers as of now with 49 posts.

Moreover, they also have their band’s facebook page with the name Shot of Poison. The page has 8.3k followers and 8k likes.

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