Who Are Jeremy Everard And Susan Everard? Details To Know About The Parents Of Sarah Everard

The parents of Sarah Everard include her father Jeremy Everard and her mother Susan Everard. Know About what they said in their statement to the public.

Jeremy and Susan Everard recently appeared in court to confront their daughter Sarah’s murderer.

They delivered victim impact statements on the same day, in which they expressed their grief and anguish.

The family of the 33-year-old marketing executive was heartbroken as they lost their youngest child.

Who Are Jeremy Everard And Susan Everard? Meet Sarah Everard Parents

Jeremy Everard and Susan Everard, the parents of Sarah Everard, recently appeared in court to face the killer of their youngest daughter.

Katie Everard, Sarah’s sister, was also present in the court and had a say in the proceedings.

Sarah Everard lived in Brixton Hill and worked as a marketing executive for a digital media agency at the time of her death.

She was last seen alive walking home from a friend’s house in South London on the evening of March 3, 2021.

On March 10, after a few days of her disappearance, Her body was discovered in woodland near Ashford, Kent.

Sarah Everard Father Jeremy Everard Job And Age

The father of Sarah Everard, Jeremy Everard, is currently 50-60 years of age.

On Wednesday, Jeremy, an electronics lecturer at the University of York, read his victim impact statement in the Old Bailey courtroom.

While in the witness box, he requested that a photograph of his lovely daughter be put on the court’s large screen.

He then confronted Wayne, the killer, and told the others in the room that there can be no atonement for what he had done.

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What Did Sarah Everard Mother Say In Her Statement?

The mother of Sarah Everard, Susan, said, in her statement, that the sense of loss is so strong that it is visceral.

She continued, She was our youngest child and my lovely little girl. With the sadness comes the fear of not being able to see her again.

In addition to that, Susan said my daughter, Sarah, died in horrific conditions, and the notion of what she went through makes me sick.

Moreover, Sarah alleged that her daughter had been abused as if she were nothing and that she had been thrown away like trash.

While uttering about the murderer, Susan recounted that the notion of Wayne Couzens and what he did to Sarah made her sick. And, she was furious that he pretended to be a cop in order to acquire what he wanted.

What Happened To Sarah Everard?

Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered by Wayne Couzens in early march of 2021.

Wayne Couzens, a member of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Unit, misused Covid-19 lockdown laws to kidnap Sarah Everard in a bogus arrest.

The 48-year-old criminal policeman captured Ms. Everard using his Metropolitan Police warrant card and handcuffs.

Wayne then drove to a remote rural area near Dover, Kent, parked, and raped, strangled, and murdered Ms. Everard.

Sarah’s body was burned in a refrigerator after she was killed, and the remains were dumped in a nearby pond.

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