Who Are Gigi De Lana Parents? Everything To Know About The Actress

Gigi De Lana has yet to revealed her parent’s info, but we know that her family is the one who supports her the most. 

Gigi De Lana, aka Mary Gidget Dela Llana, is a talented actress, model, dancer, singer, and songwriter.

She rose to fame and popularity due to her stint as a contestant on Tawad ng Tanghalan sa It’s Showtime, a philippine TV program.

De Lana also has a YouTube channel under her name, and it has 801k subscribers until now.

Who Are Gigi De Lana Parents? Details On Her Family

Gigi De Lana has not disclosed her parent’s info to the public as we did not get any intel on her mother and her father.

It is reported that her parents are the ones who kept her named Mary Gidget Orfano Dela Llana.

Despite not knowing De Lana’s parents or other family members, we can easily believe that her family was the one during her difficult time.

It seems she tends to keep her info under the shadows, as most of her data is missing from the web.

Gigi De Lana Boyfriend: Is She Dating?

Gigi De Lana has not mentioned her boyfriend’s intel to the public.

Gigi also has not given any official statement about being in a relationship with anyone or being married.

So, considering the facts, we could assume either she is keeping her relationship under the shadows from the media, or she’s single.

Gigi De Lana Surgery Before And After

There was a controversy that Gigi has gone through facial surgery

Her video about before and after surgery comparison has 18,910 views until now.

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It was posted by the Egie Alarcon YouTube channel, and it was uploaded on June 3, 2021.

The YouTube channel has mentioned its extreme transformation of Gigi de Lana, and her name has also been changed.

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