What Is Twitch Star 39daph’s Real Name? 10 Facts To Know

Originally from Canada, 39daph is a content creator and social media personality. Often streaming in Twitch, she has become one of the most-watched female streamers on Twitch.

39daph has amassed many followers on many different social media platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Due to many fan requests, she also created a Reddit channel for her and her fans.

Name 39daph
Birthday September 3, 1998
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 5 in
Nationality Canadian
Profession Twitch Streamer
Married/Single Single
Instagram @39daph
Twitter @39daph
Youtube 39daph

10 Facts About 39daph

39daph was born on September 3, 1998, in Canada. She is currently 22 years of age. There has been no disclosure about 39daph’s real name but she is quite popular with her online display name.Amassing over 262K followers on Instagram and 190k followers on Twitter, she is quite active on the social media platform. She is often seen posting pictures and her thoughts on those sites.Since 2019, the popular Twitch streamer has accumulated over 713K followers on her Twitch channel.39daph created her first video on September 2, 2019, on YouTube. Since then, she has gained over a total of 35 million views and 570K subscribers on her channel for her low-key content. Originally, her channel was created on Apr 27, 2018.Her talent for drawing arts and digital illustrations as seen in her stream seems to be one of the key components for her success on the social media platforms.In one of her streams, 39daph confirmed that she is currently single. However, as per some posts she had previously shared on her Twitter profile, she had been in a relationship. Talking about her family background and early life history, 39daph is quite private about it. She has not revealed any information regarding her family matters. 39daph’s exact net worth is still under review. However, judging by her followers, views, and sponsors, she must earn a handsome amount of money.Many people seem to be mistaking 39daph for being Korean just by looking at her. But, the popular streamer was born and raised in Canada.

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