What Is Momllenial TikTok? The New Hashtag On The Web Explored

Momllenial is the new hashtag on TikTok and it has been making rounds on the platforms with millions of views. Stay tuned to get updated on the latest happening on the web below!

Momllenial is a TikTok user and quite a star on the platform at the moment.

Momllenial username is used by two TikTok users named Donna and Anna respectively.

Anna’s @momllennial TikTok account is directed towards social issues like addressing the Generation Z kids as a mother.

Meanhwile, Donna’s @momllennial_ account is filled with her views and information sharing on history and anthropology.

At the moment Donna has become the center of media attention due to her recent video on her Rome thesis.

What Is Momllenial TikTok?

Momllenial on TikTok is the new trend due to the recent controversial thesis that Donna presented.

As Donna is a certified graduate of Anthropology and History, her theories and information have been well-received by TikTok users until now.

@witch_way_up #greenscreen @profmaxwell @pardon_mi #momllenial #rome #history #historytok #conspiracy #historytiktok #classicist #classics #venividivici ♬ original sound – Witch Way Up

In a recent video, Donna has implied that the Roman empire never existed and its history was fabricated by the church.

The video has gone viral earning her backlashes and questions regarding the credibility of her BA degree in Anthropology.

Many historians and experts on TikTok have come forward bashing the Anthropolist mom as of now.

Meanwhile, Donna has not stopped her thesis and is continuing on making videos on the same topic.

Likewise, other users have accused of her berating them and being rude to them when they asked her about her claims and sources.

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Momllenial New Hashtag Meaning And Origin Explored

Momllenial has given life to the new hashtag of the same name tracing its origin to Donna’s video on Rome.

@thewildamalia #rome #ancientrome #history #worldhistory #momllenial #historian #debunk #conspiracy ♬ original sound – Amalia

#momllenial has garnered more than 266k views at the moment.

In the heat of the ongoing trends, #momllennial has gained over 3 million views on its thousands of videos.

Likewise, other TikTok users of share similar name to Momllenial has also become a part of the ongoing controversy due to the confusion.

Meanwhile, Donna, the original commotion starter has gained nearly 95k followers as she is the new talk of the platform.

With something new always going on TikTok, the platform has grown to be one of the most used applications lately.

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