What is meant by client computer

What is a client computer on a network?

A client is a computer or computer-controlled device that provides a user with access to a network. Clients are user-facing computers that run software to make requests to servers, and either interpret or display the responses.In particular, a client sends a request to the server.

What is client and server in computer?

An architecture in which the user’s PC (the client) is the requesting machine and the server is the supplying machine, both of which are connected via a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) such as the Internet.

What are client computers used for?

Client computers are simply those operated by the ‘end-user’ of the client-server system of the Internet, i.e. employed by individuals browsing the Internet, sending email messages, etc.

What computers are client computers?

Answer: Microcomputers are client computers in a client server system. Explanation: The main feature of a microcomputer is that its CPU acts as a microprocessor.

What is client in HTML?

An HTML 5 desktop client is a type of remote desktop client that provides an end user with access to a desktop or application through a web browser. … An HTML 5 client, however, is installed on a server and the end user simply visits a web page to access the remote desktop or application.

What is client with example?

The definition of a client means a customer or a person who uses services. An example of a client is a student being tutored at a college writing center. … The party for which professional services are rendered, as by an attorney.

What is the difference between client and customer?

Definition: Simply put, a client is the one who wants professional support/service from the company. Whereas, a customer refers to a person who purchases products or services from the company. … However, clients commit to a longer business relationship, which may or may not end after the first purchase.

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What is client in Java?

The term client refers to any entity that requests a service from another entity. The client does not bother about how the entity providing the service actually provides the service – the client is happy as long as the service is available and fulfills its use case.

Who is called client?

noun. a person or group that uses the professional advice or services of a lawyer, accountant, advertising agency, architect, etc. a person who is receiving the benefits, services, etc., of a social welfare agency, a government bureau, etc. a customer. anyone under the patronage of another; a dependent.

What does client name mean?

Client Name means an alphanumeric code assigned to a Customer by Google that identifies the Customer. Sample 2.

What is client of a class?

You can even use classes that are written by other people without knowing exactly how they work. Whenever you use a class, it is class a client of the class.

What is client in OOP?

Definitions. Client Code – the code that uses the classes under discussion. Coupling – code in one module depends on code in another module Change in one forces rewrite (horrible!), or recompile (annoying), of code in the other. Four key concepts of OOP.

What is a client class in programming?

Client classes are features of the network registrar that allow various users of a single network to use and share utilities and programs. … Examples of applications that can be accessed through a client class include libraries of information, software, or databases.

What is Java client and server?

The client and server are the two main components of socket programming. The client is a computer/node that request for the service and the server is a computer/ node that response to the client. In Java, using socket programming, we can connect the client and server.

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How many steps are in a client program?

Implementing a client consists of five basic steps: Create a Socket object. Create an output stream that can be used to send information to the Socket. Create an input stream to read the response from the server.

What is client method?

A client method would refer to the variable as BankAccount.OVERDRAWN_PENALTY. In its own class it is referred to as simply OVERDRAWN_PENALTY. Re-Edit, this part was included a bit before the quote above: Similarly public methods are accessible to all client programs.

What is TCP IP client in Java?

TCP/IP sockets are used to implement reliable, bidirectional, persistent, point-to-point, stream-based connections between hosts on the Internet. A socket can be used to connect Java’s I/O system to other programs that may reside either on the local machine or on any other machine on the Internet.

What is the role of client computer in a client server architecture?

Client computers provide an interface to allow a computer user to request services of the server and to display the results the server returns. Servers wait for requests to arrive from clients and then respond to them.

What is the simplest way to construct client object in AWS?

To make requests to Amazon Web Services, you first create a service client object. The recommended way is to use the service client builder. Each AWS service has a service interface with methods for each action in the service API.

What is difference between server and client?

The main difference between client and server is that a client is a machine or a program that requests for services through the web while a server is a machine or a program that provides services to the clients according to the client’s requests.

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What is client/server example?

The client-server model describes how a server provides resources and services to one or more clients. Examples of servers include web servers, mail servers, and file servers. Each of these servers provide resources to client devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

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